Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue: “What’s in the Box?! – Escape Room movie Review”

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Review By: Gaby Moreno

Release date: January 4, 2019

Main Cast: Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Nik Dodani and Tyler Labine.

Brief synopsis from online:

Six adventurous strangers travel to a mysterious building to experience the escape room — a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000. What starts out as seemingly innocent fun soon turns into a living nightmare as the four men and two women discover each room is an elaborate trap that’s part of a sadistic game of life or death.

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror fans!!!

Welcome to my blog, Nighmare on Sedgwick Avenue!  Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my review of Escape Room! I got a chance to check out “Escape Room” this weekend. I saw the trailer a few months back I had a feeling it had potential to be an entertaining film especially with the cast involved. I was not disappointed definitely worth a watch!

I have yet to watch Bandersnatch on Netflix, but this film was one of those that made you want to interact and help the characters search for clues or yell at the screen at the same time! This film had my full attention. I kept wanting to predict what was going to happen and how it would end. There were a few movies that came to mind while watching this film. You can tell they had an influence or inspired this film. Also it bared a bit of a resemblance to these films that I will mention below. I won’t go too much into detail since I don’t want to spoil the movie for those that plan to go see it.

1. Saw films

2. Cabin in the Woods

3. Final Destination

4. Cube 

5. Hellraiser– the escape room invitation box reminded me of Lemarchand’s Box AKA the Lament Configuration


This film had it’s comedic moments as well and cheesy one liners, but it worked for most part lol. Favorite line: “To breathe Bitch!”. A few things I would say that made the film lose some points were:

Not enough character development. I know it didn’t go in depth about the characters due to the plot of the story. They had keep the storyline a mystery for the viewer to solve, but Deborah’s Character Amanda and the female lead  Zoey had a connection and the movie failed to build on it or say why they seemed to have a bond. It just had the viewer put two and two together.

I know that timing had to be fast paced due to the characters having to get out of the rooms, but by the time the characters began to talk to each other about their commonalities the film was at its climax and about to end.52f5348ad57f34681eb845f16d9b2722

(SPOILER) Also there were few loopholes with the ending. For example when did the main character who was very shy and innocent become an expert at handling a gun? It was also a bit predictable where the film was going after having seen a lot of saw films I was prepared to solve the puzzle and predict the ending! Lol

Just a bit of a think piece because this movie is def not the one that is meant to make you think. It’s a film where the writers just wanted you to be amused and escape reality for an hour and half.

(SPOILER) But I did like that the film described the escape room game as an example of how us humans are attracted to watching violence and savagery occur. Examples of this are having had gladiators back in the day, extreme games, even having public executions. This is still relevant to today’s era where we are desensitized to violence due mass shootings and blacks being murdered by the police. Even to go as far as to mention the death of XXXtentacion’s, where people were filming him instead of checking his pulse to see if he was still alive after his fatal shooting. Sadly that is the society we live in today and even though the film wasn’t that deep it shed a bit of light on that dark side of humanity.

The film also touched on seeking new opportunities or getting out of one’s comfort zone I won’t go too much into the film, but in this case getting out of the box didn’t turn out to be a good idea, I will leave it that lol


Overall I would give this movie a B- rating it was a thrill to watch and kept me at the edge of my seat! Def would recommend it! If you don’t see it in theaters it is worth streaming once it releases! The only flaws as I mentioned a bit predictable, loopholes and not enough character development for me to care enough what happened to the characters. Also like all horror thrillers it was set up for a possible sequel. I feel this film has potential to be the next Saw/Final Destination series for this generation, we will see!

Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

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