Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue: “This is My Design: 2019 Most Anticipated Horror Films & Tv Shows”

By: Gaby Moreno

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans!!!

In this post I will mention the most anticipated horror films and tv shows that I am excited to see this year! Oh what a great year to be a horror fan a lot of dope films and tv shows are being released!

To another year of gore, creepiness, fear and dark humor! There are also horror tv shows that are returning from hiatus to please our horror desires!

Excited to see the following TV shows and films that allow us to escape our reality for a few minutes/hours to be consumed by fear, amazing storytelling, entertain our imagination and also remind us about the dark reality of today’s society as well as the beauty!!!

2019 Most Anticipated Horror Films:

  1. IT Chapter 2
    Release Date: Sept. 16
  2. Scary Stories to tell in the Dark
    Release Date: Aug 9


  3. Are you Afraid of the Dark
    Release Date: Oct 11

  4. The Curse of La Llorona
    Release Date: April 19th


  5. Annabelle 3
    Release Date: July 3


  6. The Prodigy
    Release Date: Feb. 8
  7. 3 From Hell
    Release Date: TBD


  8. In the Tall Grass
    Release Date: TBD


  9. Zombieland 2
    Release Date: Oct 11
    Related image
  10. The New Mutants
    Release Date: August 2
  11. Us
    Release Date: March 15
  12. Grudge (Sam Raimi’s is Producing!)
    Release Date: June 21
    Image result for grudge 2019
  13. Captive State
    Release Date: March 29

  14. Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix)
    Release Date: TBD

  15. The Final Wish
    Release Date: Jan 24

  16. St. Agatha
    Release Date: Feb 8

  17. Glass 
    Release Date: Jan 18

  18. Jacob’s Ladder (Remake)
    Release Date: TBD
    Image result for jacob's ladder 2019

  19. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
    Release Date: May 31st

  20. Rabid
    Release Date: March 25

    Image result for rabid 2019

Skeptical about watching:

  1. Pet Sematary (Release Date – April 5th): The 1989 version is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Honestly I don’t believe it needs to be remade, but we will see how this new version brings Stephen King’s story to life!
  2. Child’s Play (Release Date – June 21st): Another favorite childhood movie of mine. It’s crazy that this movie is being created without involvement of the franchise creator Don Mancini and Brad Dourif voicing Chucky. The funny thing is Mancini’s franchise is owned by Universal and it looks like there is a Child’s Play tv series in the works. On the other hand MGM owns the rights to the first film so they decided to remake their own version based on the same plot as the original 1988 film that was written by Tom Holland. The only reason I am giving this movie a chance is they’re going to use an animatronic doll vs. CGI, which I am glad since I am a fan of practical effects! Either way looks like Chucky won’t be dying anytime soon! Now he has a tv show and new movie that will keep him immortalized!!!

2019 Most Anticipated Horror TV Shows:

  1. Good Omens: TBD (Amazon Prime) Based on Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel about Angels and Demon
  2. NOS4A2: TBD (AMC) Based on Joe Hill’s (Stephen King’s son) novel about a supernatural killer and the amazing actor Zachary Quinto is playing the monster!
  3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S2: April 5 (Netflix) Season 1 was great! I love this darker version of Sabrina can’t wait for season 2!
  4. The Passage: Jan 14 (FOX) A vampiric virus outbreak involving Zach Morris (I mean Mark Paul Gosselaar) count me in lol
  5. I am the Night: Jan 28 (TNT) When I saw the trailer I was like WTF is this. Nonetheless the trailer was intriguing. The story involves an investigation on a gynecologist that might be connected to the infamous Black Dahlia Murder. The trailer reminded me of that artsy type of horror show like Hannibal. I am def tuning in to see this!
  6. Swamp Thing: TBD Based on the comic book series of the same name
  7. Stranger Things S3: July 4 (Netflix) Let’s see what adventures Eleven and her friends get into this season. Excited about the brand new cast from Jake Busey to Cary Elwes.
  8. Lovecraft Country:TBD (HBO) Based on Matt Ruff’s novel by the same name. A story that takes place in the 1950’s Jim Crow Era with lovecraftian type monsters!
  9. Locke & Key: TBD (Netflix) Based on Joe Hill’s comic book series by the same name.
  10. Westworld S3: May/TBD (HBO) Even though it is more of a sci-fi series, it has some horror elements. I have to say this is one of my favorite shows out right now. Not only is the writing, cast and cinematography astonishing, but the score solidified it for me. Especially the episode in S2 where they did an instrumental version of Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M by composer: Ramin Djawadi. This was an amazing moment for the hip hop culture! I can’t wait to see what this season has in store!
  11. Siempre Bruja: Feb 1 (Netflix) Glad to see Netflix picking up new horror shows that also represent the brown and black community! 
  12. Channel Zero – Fall 2019 (SyFy) This anthology series is like no other you’ve ever seen. It’s psychologically terrifying with a creepy vibe! A unique horror show like no other!
  13. American Horror Story S9 – Fall 2019 (FX) Four words “Wednesdays we wear Black!”
  14. Into the Dark S1 Continues – Feb 1 (Hulu) A fresh new take for an anthology series its a mixture of tales from the crypt, tales from the darkside and influence of today’s society. From our obsessions with technology to the new era of self care/love. I really enjoyed the dark humor!
  15. Deadly Class S1 – Jan 16 (SyFy)

Hope you enjoyed my list. Until next time!!!

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