Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Let Me Rap! Boogie – Everything’s For Sale Album Review”

By: Gaby Moreno


Artist: Boogie

Album: Everything’s For Sale

Rating: 4.5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, and cadence)

Release Date: January 25, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Boogie’s debut album titled: “Everything’s for Sale”. I got put onto Boogie last year and I am glad I did. I quickly listened to all his mixtapes and was infatuated with his music. He always has dope visuals as well. He definitely has the best music rap videos I have seen in while.

Boogie aka Westside Boogie via social media never disappoints. His debut album through Shady Records met my expectations! He once again shows off his skillful and soulful voice at times (having been part of a church choir at a young age). His raspy voice and melodic flow sets him apart from any other “street/lyrical” rapper. He definitely set the bar high for rap albums that will drop in 2019. The background live instrumentation added a beautiful touch to this solid project. The features were not overdone. I enjoyed 6lack and JID features.

I liked every track on the album. There were just two tracks that I don’t think really fit into this albums concept, but I see why they were added. One of the them was “Rainy Days”, which I like Boogie’s verse and the chorus, but Eminem didn’t add much to the track as far as lyrical content wise. He was typical Eminem with his silly word play and bars. Second track was, “Self Destruction”, which was one of Boogie’s first single. I admit I like the track. It has a catchy hook and a banger, but feel like it was used just to catch listeners attention. But at the same time the track did a great job at displaying Boogie’s versatility and sarcastic/funny side.

Overall it was a very cohesive project with dope lyricism and very introspective. He touched on his love life and his insecurities. Which are themes we can all relate to! I will def have this album in rotation in 2019!

Tracks that stood out for me:

1. Tired/Reflection – This a dope introspective track where Boogie is fighting with himself and the emotions he has had to deal with now that he has fame, being in the rap game (the burden that comes with it/pressure of not selling out) and his daily life. This song reminded me how he mentioned in one of his interviews that he knows he can make “turn up” music, but doesn’t want to do that because he wants his music to have impact and last for years to come.

“Ain’t no point in using weapons

I am at war with my reflection

I want fame, well, I can’t take L’s

I can’t stay still, but I can’t pay bills

It hard to feel shit when you livin’ off pain pills

Hard to put on war boots when you walkin’ on eggshells

Don’t let no nigga tell you that you slept on

You better take the blame that you progressed wrong and then got stepped on, uh”

2. Silent Ride – Officially the first promotional single off his album. I love the beat to this song and the catchy hook. This song is about his girl going into his phone and seeing he is not being faithful and the ride home being silent. It’s a funny record, but also very honest and transparent of what goes on in his relationship.

“She read my text, I read her mind

Pressing time and dead my high

Connect to lies, express your mind

I wish you’d talk more, know that that’s a lost war

She gon’ take the aux cord, and let her play her thoughts for her

She gon’ play them throwbacks and hold back, pretend to be lit

No cap, I need a energy shift”

3. Skydive – This song is about letting his significant other know he is broken and not perfect (has insecurities) and letting her know. Pretty much giving her the heads up before she commits to a relationship with him.

“I heard your commitment can turn to a sickness that I never seen, mmh

And for sure ain’t no cure, shit, I hope ain’t no cure, uh

If I told you my symptoms was trippin’, don’t fault my conviction

From tension I felt on my core

If I told you these feelings I’m missing became my addiction

At this point I hope that you pure”

4. Swap Meet – This song is more R&Bish and soulful. I liked the guitar instrumental, as well as Boogie’s vocals. He is one of the fewest rappers that can pull that singing rap without any autotune. In this track he dedicates this song to his girl. He compares finding a swap meet bargain to having been fortunate to find her and winning the best bargain which is her love.

“Know that you tarnish when you sit there with that blank stare, yeah

I clean you up myself

Won’t have you on the shelf

And treat you like an antique

I hope you understand me”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads!

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