Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Music for the Soul – St. Cyr – S.O.U.L. Album Review

By: Gaby Moreno


Artist: St. Cyr

Album: S.O.U.L

Rating: 4/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, and cadence)

Release Date: January 7, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing St. Cyr’s Album titled “S.O.U.L”. Jamal St. Cyr is an LA born, San Diego raised lyricist/rapper. He is also part of the rap group Boon League. I first heard of Boon League when I saw them open up at The Observatory SD for Dilated Peoples back in April 2016. They knew how to hype up the crowd, performed dope music and had great stage presence. There on after I saw them perform a few more times as openers at the same venue. Each time they rocked the show!

I have been wanting to give more limelight to San Diego artists since that is my hometown that I love! So what better way to do that than starting with St. Cyr’s soulful album!

The Intro right of the bat gets your attention and displays St. Cyr’s silliness. The intro and the outro contain a clip from Coming to America’s Soul Glo commercial. Then it moves on to the song Mood, which is one of my favorite tracks of this project. This song literally sets the mood for the rest of the album. St. Cyr shows off his lyrical abilities, soulful cadence and his rapper bravado.

In between tracks there are soul quotes, that are in form of spoken word. I loved this touch, it adds more depth to the project. Each quote touches on a topic. For example soul quote 2 says, “The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walks alone”. Then it goes into the next track about Love, titled under the same name. Which I will cover more below since it made it on my list of favorite tracks.

Then we also have St. Cyr’s single off the project “Cadillac”, which is a love/ode song dedicated to Cadillac’s. Here St. Cyr reminisces how he always wanted a Cadillac as a kid. He admired the old skool caddy’s that the gangster drove. The song is about what he would do if he had owned a Cadillac from bumping his favorite rappers in the ride to cruising through his hood. The music video is dope as well the visuals are animated in cartoon style.

There is also a silly track titled: “Didn’t I” ft. The Ebonics (lol), it’s a cover of The Delfonics – Didn’t I (Blow your Mind this Time), but he switches it up with his own lyrics. The song is about sharing his Crown Royal with a girl. I took it as a metaphor for love, but that’s just my interpretation lol. This song also reminded me a bit of Biz Markie’s singing in Just a Friend. It’s just a funny feel good song!

Overall, this was a very solid and cohesive project. The whole album flowed and kept that soulful rap sound from start to finish. The lyricism on this project had witty word play and great content. The singers featured in the project also had amazing vocals. Will definitely be bumping this album through out 2019!

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Mood – This is a short interlude, but St. Cyr doesn’t waste no time in showing off his lyrical skills and proves he is not one to be messed with lyrically.“Just a little interlude to get you in the moodSt. Cyr do it good, for the grade

    How are you?

    Don’t sleep on me, but a few hit the snooze

    And I know you heard of Boon

    Yeah we the power crew!

    This rap shit is easy work like a power tool”

  2. I Know ft. On Key – This is my favorite song of the whole project. It was also the second single of the album. The lyricism is on point! On Key on the vocals brings back that 90s r&B vibe. Overall a dope soulful track!“This that late night cruise shitTank on full shit

    No time for no bullshit

    N***a I do’s this

    Know to keep them hoes in pocket like pool sticks

    Or string a bad bitch along like an acoustic

    Now you know me St. Cyr , Boon League, boss spitter

    Mr. have your girl coming home smelling like hard liquor

    Can’t get a feature cuz I be shittin on y’all n***as

    Y’all n***as, y’all n***as too

    Don’t compare me to this little n***as

    Nah go head

    It’s like a Harley being compared to a moped 

    I love Hip Hop like Diddy love Jenny Lopez

    So when I write I cater more to my old heads”

  3. Love ft. Latanya Lockett – It’s a love song about always finding love in the wrong places, but now he has found someone who he is falling for.“It’s what I need everydayThe only four letter word I was scared to say

    Im talking Love, never would I let it go a stray

    Never would I let it walk away, okay

    I mean love got me writing songs and shit

    Love poetry…”

  4. Give it to Me ft. On Key & Bella ADonna – The song is self explanatory lol. Loved the live instrumentation on this track and mellow vibe. On Key brings his soulful vocals once again


    “Surprise, surprise

    I told y’all i was coming, ya’ll thought I lied

    They really need that soul shit that I provide

    I really come from the heart, yo others just rhyme


    Hey hold up, y’all be acting so tough

    That chick that’s on your shoulda

    I could pull her, if I want her, I want her”

  5. Chitlins Ain’t Cheap ft. On Key & Latanya Lockett – The song is about being honest and loyal with your significant other. I loved the singers: On Key & Latanya Lockett on this track. Their vocals added a soulful vibe!“You ain’t gotta lie to kick it wit meTruth be told I just want you to kick it wit me

    We all got demons, what’s your angle?

    My name St. Cyr, but I’m no Angel

    They say that the truth hurts, so what should I do?

    Could I be lying if I said I never lied to you?


Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads!

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