Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Made in ’89 – Superior Productionz – 1989 Album Review”

By: Gaby Moreno


Artist: Superior Productionz (Featuring: Fade Green , Jokwin, B.O.L.O, Mac Dirrty, Two Time Losers, Riston Diggs, DreCat, Poser, T. Ka$h, Ocalypse)

Album: 1989

Rating: 4/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: January 1, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Superior Productionz’s Album titled “1989”. Robert Watkins is a San Diego based producer and mix engineer.  Robert is the  founder of a production company that goes by the name “Superior Productionz”. I just got put onto his music through instagram and I’m glad I did! A dope Producer who is making San Diego proud!

He curated this project and produced it as well. He collaborated with dope San Diego Emcee’s to bring this project to life. This is a very solid album from start to finish. The production and beats are sonically pleasing! The featured artists show off their lyrical abilities . That is what makes this project so remarkable!

This project starts with an intro that uses a news clip speaking on the social climate of 1989, mixed in with a jazz type sample! I might be a bit bias, given I myself am a 1989 baby, but I loved that short intro sets the tone for what’s about to come next!

The first track on the project is “Throne”, which is one of my favorite tracks from this project. The beat has a bit of a dark melody and dope sample scratching. Both Fade Green and Jokwin go in!

Second track “Sicario” is definitely a banger with a catchy hook! You will listen to it once and it will be playing in your head for the rest of the day. I loved this track and the bilingual lyricism by B.O.L.O and Mac Dirrty. I also enjoyed the guitar instrumental. It makes the track stand out.

Some of the themes you will find  through out this album are the struggle one has to face to be the best in the rap game, starting from the bottom and making to the top, braggadocio rap and pure lyricism and dope word play!

The track “Me” with Riston Diggs speaks about loyalty, self love, one’s ego and self-esteem! “Extraordinary” is another track that features Riston Diggs and the beat is straight fire, the bass knocks! This beat sounds like a mainstream trap instrumental and I am here for it! The hook and lyrics go hard!

The second to last track on the album is “Excellence. For some reason the chorus reminded me of Kanye’s The New Workout Plan, maybe it was the rapper’s cadence. The last track “I Just (Outro)” has a smooth funk type vibe. It’s a funny track about just getting high, not getting into distractions and just plotting to get to the top!

Overall this album flowed perfectly. The tracks were placed in perfect order! It started off with hard hitting beats and lyricism and ended with a mellow vibe. The production, content and lyrics complimented each other. It was a cohesive and superior album (pun intended lol) that was curated by a creative individual that happens to be from my beautiful city of San Diego! Highly recommending checking out this album if you haven’t done so already!

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Throne ft. Fade Green and Jokwin

    “Still up in my zone
    Cupping my throne
    But sometimes that’s just not enough that I own
    So ima keep doin this music shit
    Till I break out of this bitch
    Cuz i’m stuck in my home
    But sometimes that just not enough that I know
    That’s why I keep filling this stuff in my dome
    No media can judges ,nothing but poems
    And TED lectures the subject I’m on”

    “My empire, bitch will not expire
    This is phoenix fire
    If it comes to a close
    We will be reborn
    After we fuckin implode
    With a mean force and with something to show
    There’s nothing to prove when there so much to gross
    Nothing to lose when there’s so much to grow
    And that’s why I keep poking and plotting your dome
    Saying focus even if I gotta focus alone, I know!”

  2. Sicario ft. B.O.L.O and Mac Dirrty

    “Que confianza puede haber en un oportunista
    Cuantos tienen que callar, soplones, periodistas!
    Desde pistolero a morir listo
    Pero antes vamos a dejar aqui, cagadero
    Me perdonan pero asi me despido
    Bajenme tocando el nuevo corrido
    Echense una pura sin sal y dos bien armadas
    Vivi por el mal que no pasa nada
    Hasta sigan descontando mis triunfos
    Todos los cabrones que quedaron difuntos
    Haganme de cuenta que no hay sufrimiento
    Sin vida eterna me fui con el viento
    Cenizas a cenizas, cemento a cemento
    Y de pronto sentir el perpetuo tormento!”

  3. Extraordinary ft. Riston Diggs

    “My life is like livin an obstacle course
    Gave her a drink and she went to her knees
    I pull her back up, i’m like shorty believe
    You gotta dream
    You can achieve
    She rollin her eyes n***a please”

  4. Light It Up ft. DreCat and Jokwin

    “Light it up
    When I get the mic
    Instrumentals getting victimized
    Kick so much heat as I spit the rhyme
    That when I kill a beat it ain’t recognized
    Straight melting shit I can’t help it
    It’s that molten hand I got dealt with
    See I’m full of magma like a volcano
    When my dome explode
    The pyroclastic flows
    Melt the silicon of you plastic hoes
    If you can’t get the heat don’t stand so close
    Playing with fire that’s how you get burned
    Fucking with me when the fuck you gon’ learn”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads!

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