Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Razor Sharp Rhymes – Smalls Uno – Beast Mode Album Review”



Artist: Smalls Uno (Featuring: Sick Rick, Demon Loc, Mastermind Guile, Nemy, Speak Easy, Twomps)

Album: Beast Mode

Rating: 4.5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: February 24, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: Spotify, iTunes, CDbaby, YouTube, Tidal

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Smalls Uno aka King Small Uno’s album, “Beast Mode”. Smalls Uno is an emcee from San Diego! His brother Sick Rick introduced him to rap from what I read and they been working together on music ever since. Smalls Uno is under M.Mind Recording Label who is owned by his friend Mastermind Guile aka Caesar Zepeda. Do your research on how Mastermind and Smalls Uno reconnected and began killing the game with their music!

Brief backstory as to how I came across Smalls Uno and this project. I was on social media. Man the power of social media is crazy, in a good way in this scenario! lol He followed me on my IG blog page, so I followed back and checked out his page. I sent him a DM thanking him for the follow and asking him when his new album will be available for streaming. He sent me the link to Spotify. I briefly listened to a few tracks and I was blown away!

It was dope to hear that sort of grimey lyrical rap. I didn’t really know there were any rappers like that in San Diego! At least that I had heard of. It was dope to hear a different type of sound and horror influenced lyricism. The features on this project killed their verses as well!

I definitely will have this project on rotation through out the year! The lyrics are witty. The songs contain dark humor, crazy wordplay and just bars!!! Definitely a grimey project! I loved the gritty production it gave the album a suspenseful and terrorizing vibe. The beats are bangers, you just want to bump each song while you cruise through San Diego!


The album has a NY grittiness sound/vibe. The vibe of this album was reminiscent of Big L, Mobb Deep, Geto Boyz, Gravediggaz and Psycho Realm combined all in one! I don’t like comparing artists, but Smalls Uno and the rest of the features remind me of the Griselda crew: Benny Butcher, Conway and Westside Gunn. It’s that pure raw dark lyricism that you rarely hear anymore! Being a horror fan I enjoyed the devilish lyrics and metaphors!

The album is short only 8 tracks about half hour running time. Wish it had been longer, maybe 2 more tracks? I definitely will be watching the game to see what Smalls Uno bodies next! Also the cover artwork is dope! #oouchy #beastmode #lyricalmurders #lyricalmaniacs #horrocore #horrorrap #darkrap #grimeyrap #grittyrap #sandiegorap #sandiegohiphop

Favorite Tracks/Verses: 

1. Beast Beginnings:


“The ill mind disaster

Strapped in, bareface maniac

The grimiest evidence

Not much you can say to that

Purposely I do surgery

For big currency

Slice open one of your arteries for arguing

Devilish grin, rare species

Paranormal activity you can’t see me!”

2. Gemstar Superstar:

“Blades of Glory

Leave faces mad gory

They’ll be no need to explain the story

Face cut as ****** I’m Fifty??

I’m too shifty

I split your shit mad swiftly

Here’s fuck your life

Yeah I am Mr. disrespectful

Grudges I can’t let go

Im alway stuck with Dr. Jekyl!”

3. Constantine ft. Demon Loc:


“Give em the business

Never leave a witness

Bars we spittin

Were gifted with the sickness

The Demon and the God going hard is my life on us

Fuck all y’all

The grimiest ever

Fuck you thought?!

Using my mind to rip you apart

Where’s your heart?

This 40 I’ll spark

Going against us wasn’t smart

Arisen devil

Walking problem, mass villain

Terrorizing your Gotham

Lyrical maniac trapped inside a prophet

What I release will be toxic

I doubt you can top it!”

4. Gorilla Press:


“Then wreak havoc on all you cowards

Dog, my energy is unmatched

The 40 I’ll clap

Then fade to black

And send quotes full of death threats

Have we met?

I’m one of the Devil’s Rejects

War named Apex

Kill the pyro and effects

One of the usual suspects

Lord of the suplex!”

5. Beast Mode:

“Disrupt you facial features

Learn from your teachers

Or heed your death banging out the speakers

Don’t like the residue in your beakers

Lose your life for stepping on my fucking sneakers

Chest out I wasn’t built to fold

To get what you want you gotta go Beast Mode!”

6. Monsta Material:

“It’s the Firestarter

The sole martyr

The boss

The exerciser of demons you sponsor

I conjure you

Follow apostles, toss some whiskey bottles

Get high soon, get thrown out of windows..”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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