Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Keep Moving Forward! – Ocalypse – The Earth Will Provide EP Review”


Artist: Ocalypse (One Feature: Lolo)

Album: The Earth Will Provide

Rating: 4.5/5 (based on replay value, content, cohesiveness, lyricism, beats, production, and cadence)

Release Date: March 15, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All music/streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Ocalypse EP titled, “The Earth Will Provide“. I first came across Ocalypse on Superior’s album “1989” where he was featured on a track called “Excellence”. I thought it was a dope song and an overall amazing album! Check out my review I did on that album as well. I  then began following Ocalypse on social media and that is how I found out he was dropping an EP. I had to show love to a San Diego based emcee!

I reached out to him on social media to get my facts right and share with you all a glimpse of who Ocalypse is! He was kind enough to respond to me and provided me a detailed response as to how this EP was inspired. I was amazed by his story and how of a down to earth individual he is!

Ocalypse is his artistic name, but his actual name is Nate. Nate was born in Duarte, CA, but grew up in Fontana. He then moved to San Diego in 2008. This project is his first full length project under that moniker. He has been actively involved in the San Diego hip hop scene for a little under two years.

In his own word he says, “This album is where I feel I’ve finally found my footing. The title “The Earth Will Provide” stems from a mantra I had when traveling across the country back in 2014. I walked from Chino, CA to Washington DC in order to raise awareness for homeless veterans and veterans with behavioral health issues (I myself was in the marines from 2007-2012). It took about 8 month to walk 3200 miles and whenever I felt lost or hopeless I would remind myself that as long as I was moving in a positive direction forward with a goal that is beneficial to more than myself, the Earth Will Provide and help me achieve that. The album is a culmination of everything that’s happened to me since then, and how after something as monumental as that you still have to keep moving forward.

He also mentioned that when he was out on the road, he had an IPod filled with 64GB’s of music. He said he spent 8+ hours everyday freestyling and rapping along to beats and other people’s music. He describes this experience as a “rap boot camp” that helped shape his style.

Ocalypse has a unique sound, voice and cadence that I would compare to P.O.D and Rage Against the Machine. He has one of those melodic flows where he can rap and sing. I love it because that makes him stand out from his peers and competition! He definitely has rock influence that bleeds into his music. He did mention Rage is definitely a group that has influenced him. Ocalypse also mentioned that he listened to bands like The Blood Brothers, The Locust, and Daughters. He also has his hip hop influences.

This EP consists of 7 tracks. Seems like 7 is the lucky number! Ocalypse touches on several topics from instant gratification, inspiration to keep going, self medication/drugs to deal with pain, to the search of self and even self doubt! It is a dope album that speaks on many relatable subjects.

The first track on the EP is a catchy song called, “Cut Me Off“. The hook is melodic! This track shows Ocalypse’s versatility. Their is a short singing part around the 2:45 min mark that gave me chills! The second track is, “Instant Gratification”. This song is about instant gratification and how this has  caused him failed relationships in the past. He blames himself and also his ex/exes for each others childish actions. This song also touches on this generations obsession with not wanting to put effort in building real relationships. He raps, “Knowing this is just a part of hook up culture“. Definitely my favorite track on this EP! It is so relatable to me as a single girl in this era lol. This song gave me Linkin Park vibes.

Another track is, “Peace/War” that speaks about self medication and drug use to numb the pain. Very introspective track about drug addiction. Then the song, “Holiday” speaks on his guilt and regret for neglecting his partner in a past relationship. Another standout track is “Wwyd“. The track stands for, “What would you do”. The song is about finding himself and also how far will it take for him to reach happiness or is it unattainable to the point that it consumes him?! That is how I interpreted the song. The spoken word at the end was the icing on the cake, it was amazingly beautiful! Poetic to the core! I was not expecting that track to end on that high note, I was very blown away in a positive way!

The last track is “Another Day” it is a song about self doubt, negative thoughts and the constant battle we have with our own minds. Loved the piano on this track. I really connected with this track since most of us have had at one time or another a mid life crisis aka mental breakdown. You begin to question yourself and ask what the fuck are you doing with your life?! If I had to make an anthem for that feeling it would be this beautifully composed song!

The Production is dope as well. I really enjoyed the mixture of rock and rap melodies. Loved the guitar and snares. This EP stands out from what I have heard lately which is a great thing. I think Ocalypse has created his own sound and lane successfully. I can’t wait to see what he puts out next! I see great things in the horizon for this dude! Even though he is not a San Diego native I welcome him as one of our own! Daygo stand up! Go check out his EP. Buy, stream it, post it on social media. Just show love and support.This a dope EP!

Favorite Tracks/Verses: (Lyrics provided courtesy of Ocalypse himself)

1. Instant Gratification:

“I want instant gratification
Especially in my relationships 
Blame it on commitment
Or lack of effort put in to it
Yeah we can fuck, but what happens after that moment is over and I’m wondering how long I get to hold ya
Knowing this is just a part of hook up culture 
Anything more you berate my ass on social 
Media got ya thinking you a bad bitch 
Your heads held high up you a savage
Run around town thinking that you slang dick
Tell the truth I just see it as pathetic 
Catch 22 cause I do the same shit
Probably why I drink enough to stay complacent
Ona budget but I went and spent a couple hundred just to see if I still had a taste for it

I swear this generations sick”

2. Peace/War:

A moment of silence for everything that we gave up
For our dreams 
And this fake love
It’s time to wake up
Handled my anxiety
Through isolation 
While society required
Daily medication
Raised on
The illusion
I could fix myself
With nobodies help
Well at least that’s how I think right now
So I’m stuck in this hell 
Fighting just to keep my head strong
And my nose clean
Watching people I held close
Disappear Around me. 
From dope fiend 
To coasting around the states invoking
Passion in the form of a product you find revolting
I am just a servant of man
Trying to find a woke queen

3. Wwyd:

“Endlessly provided for
Green maternal wasteland
Purveyor of a constant flood
Hounded through darkness and scarred for your atrium 
We abide by no rules 
Furthering our grief stricken resistance 
We break free from our self imposed exile all while retaining what we’ve learned 
In hopes of showing off how far we’ve gone to attain our freedom
But yet we still need you
To facilitate our growth 
You push us forward towards our goals
In hopes of a positive exchange of values
The potential for greatness is there
But when is enough enough. 
Will the omnipotent surface and remind us of our fragility
Or allow us to consume until we are all that is left. 
A fate worse than death. “

4. Another Day:

“Another day passes
We’re still getting older
How are things with you and your dreams
Further or closer
I’ve been Mulling over how it should be
How it’s supposed to end up for me
Will I finally ever feel free
Will I ever give my mind the satisfaction it desires
Or return to the earth
Unfulfilled when I expire
Will I burn in Hell Fire
Undeserving of mercy or
Did my efforts shed a light on ways to keep on improving”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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