Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Storytelling Through Different Lenses – Soulé – Mental Substitution EP Review”



Artist: Soulé (Featuring: A.Wood, Jay.T, Itsonlyha, and Deano Miles)

Album: Mental Substitution

Release Date: March 31, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Soulé’s EP, “Mental Substitution”. Soulé is an emcee from Miami, Florida, but she is from Panama. I first came across Soulé’s music through Instagram she popped up in my feed and I clicked on her page. I heard a few clips of her spitting some bars and I was impressed. I always get super hyped when I see a dope female emcee who can rock the mic! In the era where the mainstream “female rappers” use their physical appearance to sale records (with exception of a few) it is a breath of fresh air to see Soulé use her lyricism and storytelling to stand out!

I saw an interview of her on YouTube where she explains a bit about this EP. She is soft spoken and I get a vibe she is a humble person. She explains the title of the project, “Mental Subsitution” was purposely chosen since she tells stories from different perspectives besides her own. I think that is a dope concept. Soulé is a talented lyricist and has a true gift with words. Also her cadence when she raps is completely different from what she conveyed in the interview. She seems shy, but once she is on the mic her confidence can be felt in her flow and lyrics are full of emotion.

The first track on this EP is, “Inequality Pt.1“. This is an amazing track about a black man going in for an interview and speaking on the stereotypes he has to deal with. As well as him facing struggles that the interviewer can’t even imagine or relate to because he is not black. The second track is, “Devine Edges” which use the same beat Joey Badass used for the song “Waves” in his 1999 album by Freddie Joachim. I love this instrumental and Soulé’s storytelling fits perfectly with it. This song is about a girl who is dealing with a guy who still has feelings for his ex. In the second verse it is a guys perspective about a girl who knows he is cheating. It is a really deep song!

The third track is, “You Know It” is a very soulful track. This track features A. Wood and he goes in as well! This track is filled with real wisdom I will just leave it that touches on different subjects. Another one of my favorite tracks off this project. The fourth track is, “Meditate” which has a mainstream type sound, with the bass that knocks! Honestly one of my favorite tracks because it shows off Soulé’s versatility that she can still spit wisdom with a trap soul type beat!


The fifth track is, “Control” which has the recognizable sample of Embassy Row by Dominic Frontiere. This is an introspective track where we see a bit of Soulé’s mind state. It shows Soulé’s vulnerability about finding herself and purpose. As well as being cautious who she allows to be close given there are snakes who pretend to be friends. I really loved this track I can relate to it! The last track on this project is “Fatherless” which is a song that speaks on the perspective of a girl who grew up without a father and how it affected her life. Another really emotional and deep track!

This EP gave me the old school mixtape vibes where rappers would use their favorite rappers beats and rap over them. I mean it still happens, but it’s been awhile since I listened to a project like this and I enjoyed it! There will definitely be beats on here that you will recognize or internet Producers that you will be familiar with like P. Soul and B Young. Also the features were not overdone and Soulé still shined on the tracks where there were features!

This project will definitely be on rotation. It is dope to see an upcoming female emcee who has a lot to bring to the table. I can also tell she has respect for rap and the Hip Hop culture. The way she interprets a story through lyrics reminded me a bit of J. Cole, Nas and Kendrick Lamar. I do not like comparing artists, but she reminded me of them a bit.

I can see Soulé accomplishing great things! I think it is dope that she speaks on relatable topics that most of us can relate to. She is definitely making music that is timeless and that will bring her longevity in her career! Soulé has my full support! Keep representing for the ladies and the storytelling lyricists! Definitely check out this project you won’t regret it! Go stream it, buy it or share it on social media!

Favorite Tracks/Verses: (It was hard to narrow it down)

1. Devine Edges:
“You know what, when was the last time you seen your ex
Not what it seem to be, but the proof is all in the text
You know the one where you wishing that she was still here
So how you think I feel knowing that you still care
Why you couldn’t just tell me this on the day we met
Why you told me you over her but you never left
Why you tell me you love me when we be havin’ sex
Why you tell me to let it go but you won’t forget
Why you claiming I sneak around all the time but yet
All your messages deleted whenever I check
All this time I was sneaking maybe that shit? was true
Now I guess it hurt me now to see the real you!”

2. You Know It:
“Loyalty is divided between the world and god
So understand when we sinning for feelin’ fall apart
I wonder why we continue promoting living
With unforgiveness, internally broken
Degradin’ women
Rap lyrics get counterfeited
For attention and riches
Ni**as get to switchin’
Burning bridges
Eventually they lose ambition
Too many yearning for the fast life on television
All for the recognition
You spitting lies and they support you with love
I spit the truth and know I will get judged!”

3. Meditate:
“All of the time I would think about would I ever be what I choose
Absolutely what’s the use of me making up an excuse
She don’t understand, he don’t understand well enough like I do
No idea, iso, iso, plotting on the next move
On my own, I rather be alone
Away from all the noise and in my zone
Deep inside the thoughts of my drone?
Way beyond the ordinary dome”

4. Control:
“Writing verses, but a side of me was worthless
Trying to figure out my purpose
And be cautious who I worship
But we only view the surface
And praise who get the furthest
And stick around potential just in case they get some service
A few will be for certain
Even ones who go to churches
Pretend as if they perfect
Like the lord don’t know what dirt is
If you are Black American they clinching on they purses

The ignorance be hittin like the truth in scripture verses
But aside the universe is
Could clearly be concernin’

The ones you thought were closer turn to hate you over earnings
But it all be part of learnin’
And I heard it’s really worth it
One won’t? appreciate the best if you don’t know what the worst is!”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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