Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Good Vibrations!!! -Chelsea Reject – This Is Not My Final Form Album Review”



Artist: Chelsea Reject (Features: Mick Jenkins, Kota the Friend, Happytree, Dirty Sanchez 47, Rokamouth, Jean Deaux)

Album: This Is Not My Final Form

Release Date: April 8, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will reviewing Chelsea Reject’s new project called, “This Is Not My Final Form“. I came across Chelsea when I went down the internet rabbit hole searching for female emcees and recently I was listening to the late great Capital Steez. I then decided to see if Pro Era had any female emcees. To my surprise Chelsea and T’nah Apex came up on my search. I instantly began following Chelsea on social media. She then announced she would be dropping a project soon and I was hyped!

This project consists of 12 tracks that are wavy and have a feel good vibe to em’. Chelsea knows how to rock a melody and has catchy hooks that reel you in. She also brings the bars! She speaks about topics we can all relate to. From self love, anxiety, life and finding our purpose to reach our full potential.

The intro track is amazing, what a way to start off a project! It is called, “Anxiety” she talks about anxiety and about feeling the pressure to reach her full potential. She also talks about wanting a life she won’t regret. This is something we can all relate to. This song means a lot to me because it expresses how I sometimes feel. I always find it dope when lyricists write a song that hits you to the core and this is one of them!

Another track is, “Kidulthood” where she is rapping from a kids perspective, but I interpreted as her saying she is an adult who still feels she is a kid since she still trying to figure out life. From having to find ways to pay her bills to figuring out what she wants to accomplish in this life. Very introspective track and once again relatable. The music video is also amazing. If you haven’t seen it check it out on YouTube.

Another stand out track is, “Let It Go” Chelsea and Jean go in! This whole project proves Chelsea deserves the respect from the Hip Hop community. Her word play and lyricism is crazy! Every song has a positive vibe even when the topics are serious or deep. After listening to this album in its entirety I felt uplifted and happy. You can just cruise to this album or just listen to it while doing one of your daily activities.


This project is definitely on my top 10 list so far of 2019 albums! All the songs are beautiful, there is no skippable track. It was hard narrowing down my favorite tracks for that reason. I always love seeing a female emcee who is spitting real shit and uses her gift to uplift listeners! I am a supporter for life! The artwork on this album cover is dope as fuck too!!!

Chelsea keep making music you are inspiring people and spreading positive messages through your music! As well as representing for the ladies! This project is worth checking out. Go listen to it you will not regret it. Go support this dope emcee/lyricist/visionary!

Favorite Tracks/Verses:

1. Anxiety (Intro):
“Anxiety knows me by name
Calls me in the morning sometimes just to complain
They say how you gon’ maintain if you not making no change
And my mama is a christian she jus told me to pray
But see love is my religion mixed with a little hay
But seems that chip up on my shoulder
Its turning into a boulder
Parents getting older, thought that I graduate
Congratulations it was fate and that would never change shit
Something that I had no control of
I only act like a grown up
But I am as clueless as you
For you is me
Unity all I really want in my community
You plus me
All I need, but it seems its just eulogies
And you know that your instagram not fooling me!”

2. Kidulthood:
“Thinking bout how I’m gon’ pay my bills
Never stole, but still all about that thrill
Think about the future thats when shit get real
really shoulda finished college
But I got the knowledge
And I can’t conform, can’t got back to the way that I was before
No!, that I was before
They don’t wanna see nobody grow
Introverted please leave me alone
Doper than what you got on the stove
Never let nobody take control!”

3. Amnesia (Self-Luv):
“You know my heart has been broken
But I’m still keeping it open
I’m tryna live in the moment
Noo I’m not tryna be chosen
No I don’t hide my emotions
But I’m hoping you notice me
Im still hoping you notice, Im hoping you notice 
Im writing eulogies, don’t wanna feel like you using me
Breaking up cuz ain’t no unity
Falling in love with myself
Really there should jus be two of me
I don’t think anything else”

4. Let It Go:
“I do this shit 
Cuz I’m passionate
I was chosen this wasnt an accident
momma told me finish college
gotta get them dollars think about the path you pick
Get any type? so I packed my shit
Gotta go, gotta go hit the road
Challenging everything I’ve ever known!”

5. Energy (Enemies):
“Cuz I ain’t really with the fuck shit
I’m been tryna be productive
Feel like the GOAT and I feel like the ghost
They on the way they can’t even float
Feel so far from people I do the most
All good a week ago we were so close
But they do not get me
You say you love, but then you forget me
I’m wearing black on black I’m feeling edgy
This is not my final form they ain’t ready
Extraterrestrial – extraordinary
I got the vision can see it so clearly
But I don’t think they can hear me
Sleeping on me, but that shit could get weary
Put your favorite rapper in pet cemetery!”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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