NIGHTMARE ON SEDGWICK AVENUE – “La Reina Del Genero Urbano! – Ivy Queen – Llego La Queen EP Review”



Artist: Ivy Queen

Album: Llego La Queen

Release Date: February 28, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: All Streaming Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

The Queen of Reggaeton aka La Caballota, La Potra and certainly not least La Queen is back! She paved the way for women in Reggaeton when there was no lane. She created it herself and that is why she rightfully earned the title of “La Queen”. She had a vision went for it and executed it! Her music evokes so much emotion. When one of her songs comes on you can’t help, but sing to it and get in your feels. Like my sister Melly said your tone of voice changes to match hers. Her lyrics uplift women and show that we are bosses, badasses and no man can bring us down! Even her songs that are about heartbreak she raps how she never let a man bring her down. She is also a dope MC!!! She has BARS! In my opinion no one at the time she came into the Reggaeton game could match her style and she stood out and still does.

She returns after a 3 year hiatus. So many things have changed in the Reggaeton and latin trap genre more women have become popular from Becky G, Karol G, Anitta to Natti Natasha. But yet the Queen still is on her thrown. Without Ivy Queen these dope female artists wouldn’t exist today. She is a chameleon, she can do any sound and still kill it! She is the Queen of el Genero Urbano. She’s done Reggaeton, Latin Trap, Salsa and Bachata! Ivy Queen needs a documentary/movie that documents her whole journey and what she has contributed and continues to contribute to el Genero Urbano.


La trayectoria de Ivy Queen es extensiva. Tiene 9 albums y 7 EP’s incluyendo, Llego La Queen! It’s been 3 years since she dropped her last album, Vendetta! It’s great to hear new music from her she never disappoints! This EP consists of 7 tracks and a running time of 24 minutes.  Please read below as I briefly breakdown each track:

  1. The Queen is Here – bringing her aggressive lyrical bars and proves why she is the queen of el Genero Urbano!
  2. Llego La Queen – Once again she spits pure BARS! She lets it be known the Queen has returned to reign!
  3. Y Tu – This track is deep its about a relationship where the girl sacrificed a lot for her boyfriend even changed who she was for him. She realized he abused her kindness and she lost the love she had for him.
  4. Pa’l Frente Pa’ Tras – A reggaeton dancing anthem. Feel good party song!
  5. Baile Para Ti – Another dance song about desire. Spanglish track!
  6. Malvada – She poke fun at the fairytale line, ” Mirror mirror on the wall”. She does a rap twist to it and raps, “Who’s the baddest of them all?” She raps how she is Malvada (Evil) and the baddest!
  7. Polvora –She spits killer bars! She raps she is a killer on the track and how there will always be haters who will try to dim your light!

Favorite Tracks/Verses:

  1. The Queen Is Here
    “Go south from the west, hashtag, #SeSoltóLaBestia
    Una vaina me hace un poco de humo en la cabeza
    ¿Qué clase ‘e capítulo? No hagan el ridículo
    Yo tengo más papilla y hasta tengo más testículos, wuh
    Déjame bajarle un poco
    Porque si yo sigo, van a quedar locos
    Yo tengo la falda y el pantalón bien puesto’
    No se hagan las películas sin presupuesto
    Y si se creían que había llegado mi fin
    Todos saben ya mi nombre
    Porque me dicen “La Queen”
  2. Llego La Queen
    “Esto no es ciencia
    Hágamen la reverencia
    Hágamen la ceremonia
    Que del bailoteo yo soy la demonia, tu paranoia
    Y no te puedes estar quieto
    Suavecito muñeco
    Yo juego con los controle’ como el viejo Gepeto
    Se rumora en el ghetto que a los rangos respeto”
  3. Malvada
    “Cuando hables mal de mí, llámame que yo te ayudo y seguro
    Si a mí no me llegan ninguno
    Roncan, roncan
    Conmigo tú no quieres bronca-bronca
    Me llaman bruja, porque yo misma me curo de espanto
    Porque los vuelo en canto, porque gozo lo que canto
    Porque no ha nacido nadie con mi sazón
    Se les revienta el corazón, así que pongan atención”
  4. Polvora
    “Que si no quieres enemigo’ no debes brillar
    Porque aquel que brilla todo el mundo siempre lo quiere ver mal
    Predican lo que no practican y este son lo canto de corazón
    Mate wait, you are my son, son clap
    Now clap, now clap
    ‘Cause the killer’s on the track”

Ivy Queen es alguien que yo admiro. As a female lyricist and songwriter I love that she is unapologetically herself and has bars! As well as very emotional and relatable music. Ivy Queen sigue rompiendo barerras por ejemplo she was just inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame by La Musa Awards!!! For her to be getting this honor and on top of that being a female en el Genero Urbano it is a huge milestone! If you have never listened to Ivy Queen’s music do yourself a favor check out this album and her previous albums!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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