Artist: Fade Green

Album: The Fade’d EP 001

Release Date: January 2018

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Fade Green’s EP, “The Fade’d EP 001“. It is a short 4 track EP, but it is filled with pure heart and emotion. I heard about Fade Green through San Diego Hip Hop platforms I follow. I saw him performing live on an IG story at Hip Hop Weds and even through my phone screen I can see he has great stage presence and goes hard when he hits the stage. His lyrical flow, cadence and deep dark lyrics are reminiscent of Eminem (old Eminem) lol and Hopsin, but he adds his unique personality to it!


I had the chance to finally see Fade Green perform briefly with Jokwin at Superior Productionz dope Hip Hop event he had a few weeks ago in IB at The Salty Frog. Fade has this energy about him, like he was born to be a performer and bless the mic! He definitely has a gift with words! His team reached out to me to review his EP that he released last year. Honestly I didn’t need that much convincing since I was already a supporter of his music. I saw his music video for “Marionette” and it was already in my lane of horror and rap! The video is horror influenced so of course I loved it!

The first track on this project is, “Ventillation”, very introspective track where he is literally venting about people in his life. His wordplay is crazy and dope storytelling with different voices he uses. Then the second track is, “Respiration” with a guitar rap beat where he raps he is trying to get over his past and trying to build his empire with his music. Also raps how he uses his rhymes to release his life of madness. The guy on the hook killed it too! The third track is called, “Desperation“, this is a more slowed down beat. This track is about Fade wanting to get fame and fortune to help his family and how he is tired of not having the financial security to give his daughter a better life. He also raps how he is left behind in the quest of life! The final track is, “No Conversations” that is about people talking pure hate and he is running out of patience of dealing with fake people.

Fade Green is a true lyricist! He is already on the right path. He literally spills his emotions in every lyric I can feel it and hear it! From his music I sense he has been through a lot and his music is his creative outlet. Def recommend checking out this dope EP. I am always happy to see talented emcees succeeding that are from my city of San Diego! San Diego rappers/singers/creatives deserve shine just like LA and NY. I am proud to be part of this generations San Diego Hip Hop scene I see great things in the future. Fade Green is a dope emcee, I see a positive future for him! Can’t wait to see what he releases next! Definitely check out this project! Do not sleep on him! San Diego stand up!!!

Favorite Verses: (Lyrics provided by Fade Green)

  1. Desperation:
    “Honestly I only want the fame and the fortune
    So I can give all my family a portion
    Record this, then relocate and then Reinforce us
    The enforcer to get us out the places we were forced in
    Of course its important to show what the point is
    The point is to point in the direction their course is”
  2. No Conversations:
    “A fucking beast, and luckily they all fuck with me, in this stasis
    Cuz I’m high as shit, I mean placement, A-Class, face it
    Y’all fake kids are too basic to comprehend when I say shit
    And you talk about how you make dollars, and some how you don’t make sense?
    Lackin’ patience, tryna get paid quick, ain’t go pay off, when you ain’t payed shit.
    How the fuck you gon’ win the race when, you won’t take the time to tie your laces
    that’s the problem with all these lame kids, who, only want, to be famous
    So they up and jump inside the game quick, just to fucking suck and so they rage quit”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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