Artist: Rob Markman (Features: Yuri Koller, Jnyr, Styles P, Cris Streetz, The Ichiban Don, Punch, Komi and Enuma)

Album: It’s Too Late At The Wake

Release Date: May 8, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Rob Markman’s sophomore album, “It’s Too Late At The Wake“. The album consists of 13 tracks with a running time of 46 minutes. About a month ago or so I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite Hip Hop journalist Rob Markman for my blog. Of course it was not in person, but nonetheless the power of social media made one of my dreams come true! Thank you Rob for being humble and for being open to answer some interview questions. Which brings me to my next point, Dreams! This album touches on that theme from start to finish. This album is a continuation of Rob’s first album/EP, “Write to Dream“. Where he motivates us to follow our dreams before it’s too late and we are 6 feet deep under the ground!

The first track titled, “It’s Too Late” sets the theme in motion. Then we are blessed with tracks like Grown Man Gossip one of my favorite tracks off of this project. Rob raps how older men get caught up in gossip and hating instead of uplifting others and focusing on their own shit! Rob Markman is creating a legacy to let us creatives (whether young or older) that we have to believe in ourselves, love ourselves and follow our dreams, fuck what the haters think! This the main reason why I fuck with Rob Markman as a journalist and a lyricist he is always spitting knowledge and positivity!

You also get tracks like “Raheem’s Funeral“, which Rob connects a similar story with the movie Juice where Bishop is at Raheem’s funeral and he is the killer. Rob had a similar situation happen to him in real life and tells us the story creatively crafted into a song! You also get one of my other favorite tracks off this project, “If I Should Die“, Rob raps about his family and letting them know how much he loves them and that he wants his loved ones to know he followed his dreams and wants to be known for that! I don’t want give away too much. You gotta listen to the project in its entirety. It is a very motivational and inspiring album.


The whole project from beginning to end is like a movie/story about life the ups and downs  we go through. Also how we have a choice to either follow our dreams and die legends for our cause or die without having accomplished nothing! That is why I titled this post, The saddest thing in life is wasted talent!” For those who are movie fans know I got this quote from my favorite movie, “A Bronx Tale“. My interpretation of this quote for me has been that we all have a talent or gift and it is up to us to use it or let it go to waste! I’ve lost friends who died real young and did not get to reach their full potential and it is a true sadness! They each had their own dreams, aspirations and talents! They were taken too soon rest in power to: Francisco Avalos, Lino De Los Santos and Hildy Molina!

I really love this project and what it stands for! Rob you created a timeless album with a positive message! Very inspiring to any creative that appreciates true lyricism and storytelling. Go cop, stream or just listen to this album!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1. Grown Man Gossip:
“Flip it maybe cash it in, invest it where ya passion is
Do it cause you’re passionate even if they laugh at it
Shoot till you mastered it no matter where the basket is
Pull up like Steph from the logo
They gonna talk about ya name and that’s strictly for the promo
They gonna hate you while you breathin’
Write to Dream, I gave em somethin’ to believe in”

2. Next Check:
“I got sins I ain’t pay for yet
Copped the Jesus piece just to cover the debt
I must admit last summer was lit
Now I walk up in this bitch like it’s money to get
Toast to the life that we choses
Took losses, came up like roses
Tryna paint a picture only got two poses
The Pablo cut, with a part like Moses
Walk with my team in a sea full of posers
Offset the flow, my Migos for the culture
Dropped Write To Dream now the dream getting closer
Nightmares of devils drinkin’ lean with the vultures
Awakened by cold sweats
Dapper Dan Gucci paid in full with no debt
Got mine before rap, facts, no flex
Tryna cop the crib before I cop the Rolex”

3. Last Supper At Babylon: (Featuring Punch)
“It’s gettin’ stranger by the second
People you never met with, gettin’ angered by ya mention
And at your coronation, you can sense all the dissension
Homies say they down, but really mad at your accession
You try to split the pie into the fairest of dimensions
They plotting at the table you just sensin’ all the tension
This the last supper, make ’em check in all they weapons
Heard ’em speaking evil with the devil in their sentence
You try and keep your cool maintainin’ all of ya essence”

“Look, I don’t even rap for real
I only do this just to keep my true intentions concealed
Build the stock up till it’s time to reveal
And peel the top off these niggas, the thought gimme the chills
This what happens when the madness matches the skill
Of a savage who lives life on the hill
It’s nothin’ to front the bill
My treat, hungry wolves gonna eat, you lookin’ like a meal
I watch smiles turn into ice grills
It’s a different type of drip when you get hit with life’s ills
I gotta ways to go still
The slightest infraction I make a mountain out a molehill
While you push up tulips, I’m tryna grow still
My soul is in the soil, I’m from the dirt but chill
It’s nothin’ new under the sun, same light bill
Dirt nap, lullaby, NyQuil”

4. Raheem’s Funeral:
“Only time you see ya family’s on funeral night
But shit be extra stressed when it’s shooters on site
And shit be even worse when it’s Judas on site
Damn, backstabbers gave Brutus the knife
It’s like Bishop kissing Ms. Porter on the cheek
Knowing damn well he shot her son dead in the street
It’s an evil world that we live in
I can’t promise though that I’ll never sin again”

5. I Think We Lost The Culture Too:
“We makin’ music or we makin’ memes
I think we losin’ all these sacred things
I just wanna chase my dreams
But it’s never as real as they make it seem
We’re all slaves to the algorithm
With astigmatism, but this is my vision
Nowadays it just be hittin’ different
But you don’t care about them streams when ya mission different
Who give a fuck about them likes on a prison visit
Trolled ya way to a muthafuckin’ prison sentence
Look in the mirror, but it’s been a minute
You can’t relate to the fake when you been authentic
My best advice is to love yourself
Salute to Styles P he be preaching health
Rest In Peace to Nip he was teaching wealth
They gotta put ya killer on his knees in hell
I got lost in the moment
Up early on the day of atonement
This ain’t for fame or the fortune
I just wanna stand for something when that day is upon us”

6. The Greatest:
“You’re the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it
Point ’em out middle finger to your haters
Bitch I made it, this exactly why I made this
No one built like you, or designed like you
They don’t work like you, they don’t grind like you
I’m the greatest if nobody ever say it
That’s on the record if nobody ever play it”

7. If I Should Die:
“Legend, two games like I’m Pee Wee
I just hope that these creative kids see me
And I ain’t tryna act like I’m Weezy
Hol’ up, why the fuck I can’t be Weezy? Believe me
I don’t want no cryin’ when he call my name
Just make sure they put my shit in the hall of fame
Make sure when they tell it, that they tell it right
That boy there, he was fuckin nice
Tell Melly that I loved her since the day that I met her
In that math class Brooklyn Tech, writing her letters
I’ll do anything to hold our lil’ family together
Till the day that I die, I’m screaming, “Family forever”

“If I should die
Write to Dream dream to write
I brought all my dreams to life
Man I lived my fuckin life (Fuckin’ life)
If I should die”

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!



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