Movie: Annabelle Comes Home

Release date: June 26, 2019

Main Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife

Brief synopsis:
“While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.”

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Annabelle Comes Home! This film is the 3rd film for the Annabelle series and the 7th installment of The Conjuring Universe! The movie begins with the Warren’s taking in the Annabelle doll after 2 nurses had an encounter with the demon that is attached to the doll. This is the exact same scene in the 1st Conjuring film. This movie takes places after the events of The first Conjuring film. We then see when the Warren’s lock up Annabelle in the famous case in their museum in Connecticut. This is to keep the evil contained. The room is filled with other cursed and evil objects the Warren’s have collected through out the years as Demonologists.

At first I was a bit disappointed when I realized the Warren’s weren’t going to be the leads in this film. The main character turns out to be Lorraine Warren’s daughter Judy. Judy happens to have the same gift and curse of being a Medium, not quite a clairvoyant like her mom. I quickly changed my mind and loved that the leads were 3 strong woman! The actress that plays Judy was also in The Haunting of Hill House and she killed her performance in that show. I knew she was gonna kill this one as well! I wasn’t wrong she was a brave girl!

We are also introduced to Judy’s babysitter Mary Ellen. She has a best friend named Daniela who has an interest in the Warren’s and their supernatural cases. We soon find out Daniel just lost her father and is looking for closure of his death. She blames herself for his death. This makes sense as to why Daniela is obsessed in the occult and finding a way to communicate with her deceased dad. It begs the question, how far will you go to see a loved one once again?

Film Review - Annabelle Comes Home

The character development of Judy was pretty well done. We see how the articles on the Warren’s in the newspaper have made her an outcasts amongst her classmates. Daniela’s brother is the main bully who gets other classmates to make fun of her. Daniela’s backstory was a bit rushed, but it gave her a motive to be part of the story. At first I disliked her because she is the one that lets Annabelle out! But then I understood why she did what she did. When you lose a loved one you will do anything to see them again!

I enjoyed Daniela’s sense of humor and dynamic with Mary Ellen. Their friendship reminded me a bit of Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett. Specially the scene where Daniela is teasing her about the crush she has on their classmate Bob who works at their local grocery store! It reminded me a bit of Laurie’s crush on Ben Tramer. I don’t know if it was paying homage to that, but I could see it. Especially because the movie takes place in the 70s.


Also lets not forget to mention the other supernatural beings that were let loose with Annabelle!!! A pure monster fest! The Hellhound, the killer bride dress, The FerryMan and amongst others! I really enjoyed the film. I read some mixed reviews, others were really harsh! I know it is all subjective, but I loved it! The ending scene with Daniela and Lorraine Warren was a tear jerker! Letting her know that if there is all this evil, there is also good! And that Daniela’s father still loved her! Definitely recommend watching it in theaters if your a horror fan and a fan of The Conjuring Universe!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!


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