Artist: 3rd Person (Mad Macks, Don’t Sleep and Rokem) .  Featuring: Kiddo, Viva Mescal, Sir J, Theez, Maya Huyana

Album: Rare Stones Vol. 1

Release Date: May 9, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing 3rd Person’s album titled, “Rare Stones Vol. 1“. 3rd Person consists of 2 emcees and 1 Producer! Mad Macks, Don’t Sleep bless the mic and Rokem on the Production! This rap group reminds me a bit of Ab-Soul from the topics to the wordplay! Throughout the whole project they spit spiritual lyricism! The album consists of 14 tracks with a running time of approximately 41 minutes.  The Production has a boom bap and jazzy vibe!

I had the opportunity to meet Mad Macks when he performed a set at HipHopWeds a few weeks ago. Him and Kiddo (a dope emcee who happens to be a girl!) were there and I went up to them to introduce myself. I actually started following their East of the River movement when I saw Viva Mescal perform at HipHopWeds months back. I also reviewed Viva’s album! Their movement is really dope and they only have pure lyricists in their roster! I came up to Mad Macks after his performance and told him I thought he was dope and was going to buy his album. I told him I review albums for my Hip Hop Horror blog and he was kind enough to just give me the album for free! I appreciate you!

I had the time to listen to the album and vibe to it a few times. I will briefly cover a few tracks and give my interpretation. I won’t give too much away since I want you all to check out this project and come up with your interpretations! “Pyro“, is one of the first tracks they talk about spiritual wisdom. They show off their lyrical abilities! The scratches on this beat are crazy! This track definitely leaves you mind blown! The bar is set high with the first track! The next track, “Mountain Top” is very inspirational about reaching the top, staying motivated and pushing their movement through all the struggles! This track features Kiddo where she is singing on the hook and kills it with her dope vocals! Diggin’ the vibe on this one.


One of the catchy tracks of this project is “FWM“, this track is dedicated to all the haters and proving they were wrong! This is one of those tracks that gets you motivated, makes you appreciate life and all the struggles we face, but still manage to overcome! Another stand out track is, “Red Coop“, man that Xxplosive sample is fuckin’ dope as fuck! Rokem did his thing on that one! This track has a dope message as well. Mad Macks raps on this track about finding one’s purpose, self love, fighting stereotypes and making it when people doubted him! Very motivational song!


The track “Badmen” is another dope track! Don’t sleep on the dreamers! This track is how they treat us like villains! Then we get the track, “Since 2010” where he raps about his journey in the rap game. He raps how he ignores the negativity and focuses on his music! The last track on the project is “If You Know Me” which has a slowed down jazzy type beat. They rap about finding peace within, haters trying to dim their light, but they glowing still! Do not let people limit you or give up on your dreams! I love the positive message of this track!

If you are into lyricism, spiritual wisdom, knowledge of self, positive vibes and just dope boom bap/jazzy beats then go check out this project! You definitely will not regret it! 3rd Person is a crew not to be fucked with they are bringing something different straight out of LA! Go support this project by either streaming or buying a physical copy! Go follow them on social media @whois3rdperson to keep up with their music!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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