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Today I will be sharing with you all an interview I did with DJ and Music Producer Andy aka AIM TJ! I first met AIM TJ at the SD Music Room that is moderated by the talented rapper Yazi! He played a few beats at the meeting and you could tell he loves what he does! The beats were dope and I also thought it was cool that he was from TJ and proud of his culture! I even gave him the idea of doing a beat sampling or remixing the song by Elvis Crespo, “Suavemente”! He ended up making a beat like that a few weeks later which was dope! I’ve seen him at local hip hop events DJin and he kills every set and is always showing love! We share a mutual respect for each other!

He is also Legion X’s personal DJ! Not only does Andy DJ, he is also a music producer! He has a talented artist from his camp, M.Hernan who is an up and coming singer from TJ as well. I saw him perform at a Hip Hop show at Diamond Jim’s a few weeks ago and he did an amazing performance! AIM TJ seemed really proud of him! Dope to see two talented individuals pushing each others craft and succeeding! AIM TJ has many upcoming shows coming up! Proud of how much he has accomplished. Hard work truly pays off! See below a list of his upcoming shows if you want to go and support him! I won’t make this introduction any longer. Please read below to know a bit more about AIM TJ’s journey and who he is!

Please introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are?

My name is Andy, I’m a Music producer from Tijuana.

What is the significance of your moniker DJ Aim TJ?
It has different meanings some people say it’s my name. But it actually stands for Authors of Independent Music which we are tryna create a company. Also our Headquarters is in Tijuana so that’s the TJ.
How long have you been Djing and Producing? Can you share a bit about your journey how you got started?
I started producing in College. I eventually got a drum beat machine and I was playing around. I learned some techniques and got better equipment. Then I started hitting Downtown with a speaker and playing my music. Met a couple of people down there and that’s how I got to the AC Lounge and everything changed!
You are Legion X’s personal DJ. How did that happen? How did you guys form that relationship?
I meet this MF at Blonde Bar, el cabrón tenía un poncho, el pelo parado y la cara pintada. He was hella drawing my attention when he suddenly played his music I saw a lot of people who were loving it! When he was done I found him in the bathroom. Whenever the show was done we talked and he invited me to be a part of his band.
What made you fall in love with Hip Hop and the culture?
You know it’s kinda weird, my family loves rock my dad loves Iron Maiden and my momma Poison & Quiet Riot. So how I got into Hip Hop was when I heard this one song from Beastie Boys called: “Sabotage” it was so aggressive it was so heavy I loved it. I went ahead and bought Beastie Boys Ill Communication album and I loved it. That’s how I got into Hip Hop!
Does your roots or Heritage influence you when you are Producing beats? For example do you sample Spanish music?
Yes, I did that one Suavemente beat remix. My style is trying to combine American trap and Mexican boom bap Hip Hop or at least that’s what I try to do.
Do you feel there are disadvantages or advantages in the Hip Hop scene to being a latino DJ/Producer?
I think it’s kinda equal for everybody I know a lot of DJ’s latinos.
Who is/are your favorite emcees/rappers? Can be of all time or current. You can choose more than one.
Babo from Cartel de Santa and 50 Cent
Who is/are your favorite DJ’s or Producers?
Djs: Fat Boy Slim, Mix Master Mike from Beastie Boys and DJ Muggz from Cypress Hill
Producers: Mono from Cartel de Santa, Scott Storch, Kanye West and Metro Boomin
What is your favorite scary movie? Why?
Rec 2. I love zombies movies, even know the first one was a remake of Quarantine the second one of this series was dope. Almost no light and a lot of scare jumps.
Any favorite horror soundtracks or horror-core albums if any?
Man of course John Carpenter’s Halloween theme! Horror-core, I’m pretty sure Legion X is one so I’ll say American Psycho (I love to play that song)
What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind whether creatively or on a personal level?
It’s interesting because everybody thinks that I’m an artist I’m more of a walking brand lol. I’m a talking logo lol and it’s because my goal is to become the most important music company in Mexico, I know almost no artist from Mexico wants to come to the US and that’s where we have advantage!
What is next for DJ Aim TJ? Any upcoming projects/shows or any other creative outlets you want to be involved in in the near future?
Right now I’m producing my first artist in a more Trap Mainstream genre.  His first show was at Diamond Jim’s on 6/6. The Hip Hop event was called Project Projection.
Any words of encouragement to those who are thinking getting into DJin or Producing?
Why tha hell no!! Go for it!! Man I know a lot of producers that I think they’re better then me, but they don’t do the things I do because of fear of failure! Man, I do things because I wanna do things and I do it for fun! Also I’m involved in the Hip Hop scene!
What has been your greatest accomplishment so far being a DJ/Producer?
Man I don’t know, I will say not playing in the streets anymore. I liked it and I loved it and will do it again, but man I rather play in a place!
Any shout outs?
To the Homie Mariachi G, Mike Billionaire, M Hernan, Nomad, Legion X (I call him Julius), The Fresh State team for all the chances to play at the AC Lounge. You, 7 Octoberz for this meeting and shoutout to all the people who vibe with my music!
Also news update on other upcoming shows:
Aim TJ just announced he will be performing at the Chevron Stadium in Tijuana on 7/18 and 7/21!!!
Links to DJ AIM TJ’s music:
Thank you DJ AIM TJ for your time and being open to do this interview! I appreciate you and the time you took to reply to these questions!!! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go give DJ AIM TJ a follow to keep up on the events he will be DJin at next! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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