Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be sharing an interview I did with none other than the artists behind my dope logo, the Bailey Brothaz! They are an artistic twin duo who made my vision come alive! It is dope to see twin brothers working creatively and running a successful business. As a twin myself I found it cool! They are very humble and offer great customer service. I hope one day to visit the UK and meet you guys personally to thank you! I asked them for a picture and their names, but they wanted to keep their identities a mystery to allow their work to speak for itself. I gotta respect that! Check out some of their dope artwork below. Without further a do please read the interview below to get to know a bit about the Bailey Brothaz!


1. Please introduce yourselves to those who might not know who you are. Also please mention what area you are based out of for people who may want to know.

Hey Gaby sure, we’re Artists and twin brothers from the UK and we run our own business called BaileyBrothaz.

2. How did you guys begin graphic designing? How long have you guys been doing this? When did you guys realize you had the talent to begin creating dope artwork?

Appreciate you saying that! Yeah, we were given a pencil and paper at a young age. We didn’t have much growing up and less distractions as now. So yeah, as kids we used to Graffiti the walls with all kinds of drawings and constantly draw everywhere we would go. Now we have honed our skills where we can finally make a living from it. It’s not perfected we’re still learning.

3. Please tell me a bit about your journey in graphic design and making digital art?

Sure, especially trying to make it as an artist, it’s a difficult career path. We knew we had a bit of talent, but we were constantly being told by people around us like Teachers etc that we would never succeed and that it’s too flooded with talented people all trying to make it big so do this boring shit instead. But being professional artists was our dream! It’s our passion so we never gave up! If anything it made us even more determined to succeed. We would get part time jobs so that we could pay bills, but still keep busy trying to make our artistic skills into a business. Social media definitely helped bring in business our way because we could show a gallery of all our artwork online to people who needed Album cover art, business logos, t-shirt designs etc.


4. How and why did you guys fall in love with hip hop and the culture?

At the age of about 10 -11 we heard Hip Hop albums like The Chronic, Public Enemy, NWA and we were instantly hooked! The way they dressed and the way they acted resonated when you’re a kid. Also they didn’t dress like pop superstars they let the words and the stories they told get you hooked. Then listening to artists like 2pac, Snoop and The Dogg Pound it all influenced our artwork.

5. What is your favorite hip hop album and song of all time?

That’s a hard question probably Snoop’s Doggystyle album it has all the legends on there. We don’t have a favorite song we can’t jus pick one we wouldn’t agree on one anyway haha sorry!

6. What’s your favorite scary movie? Why? 

There’s a few, probably John Carpenter’s “The Thing” a bunch of dudes not trusting each other’ who’s infected with this alien… thing haha we saw that real young spooked the shit out of us.

7. What’s you favorite graphic design you guys have created? Why? 

Again I would pick one and then my brother would choose another, so it would have to be one we have worked on together. Our zombie mural we did a year ago for a friend or maybe our BloodznCripz design that was all over Myspace over 10 years ago, which got us a lot of recognition.

8. Bailey Brothaz, what the significance or meaning behind your brand name? 

We wanted Bailey BrothERS, but it was already taken on google haha, so we went with the Hip Hop influence and wrote it as BrothAZ. Our logo is basically us, two Bs mirrored as we’re identical twin brothers.

9. Who is your favorite emcee of all time, dead or alive? Why?

Tupac RIP, but damn Eminem kills it, he got bars! My own brain can’t keep up. But all time favorite since kids has always been Tupac.

10. Who is your favorite horror villain or icon ? Why?

We both like the Predator, dreadlock badass MF and dope tech! I wouldn’t mess with him! …….or her? 😂 but they messed up with the last movie.

11. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far with creating these graphic designs? 

I think doing some commission work for a couple of celebrities because we never would off thought we would do that. We would think “hey one day we be doing an album cover for this guy”!

12. What kind of legacy do you guys want to leave behind either creatively or on a personal level?

We’re humble and we don’t expect much, but we would love it if people thought of us as artist who created original dope art and our artwork will still be floating around on the internet for years after we past, that’d be cool.


13. What is next for the Bailey Brothaz? Any special projects you guys are working on?

Most definitely we got lots to do! A whiteboard full of ideas. Everything from creating t-shirt designs as well as logo covers and tattoo designs. We’re always busy with something. Somedays I wish we were triplets haha. As for anything special, yes, but I’m not allowed to say it yet my brother would kill me! 🤭 

14. What do you believe sets you guys apart from your peers or competition?

Probably our drawing style as its mixed East n Western. We grew up watching and studying Manga. So that may be the originality of our work and most of our art has Hip Hop influences. There is a lot of superhero artists and thats cool, but we wanted to stand out from that so thats why we do what we do. Also maybe because there’s not just one of us being twins who draw is still rare I guess.

15. What kind of advice or words of encouragement would you give someone who is trying to enter the digital art community?

Hard work putting in the hours studying and grinding away will pay off! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll never make it, especially if you put in the work. On the other hand learn how to take in constructive criticism. We both still criticize each others work, but we sit back and go “yeah your right” but we would never say that out loud haha! Also ask other experienced artist their opinions and you will get there. 

16. What does your brand stand for or mean to you?

It’s a family business, well for me and my brother it means a lot. We both have gone through the same journey to get to where we are at. I could write a list, but I’d just say it means years of ups and downs from rags to hopefully riches and never give up producing cool shit!

17. What would you like your supporters and customers to know about you?

We’re always here to create art out of your imagination or ours, to produce what our customers want, and if they don’t like it we never give up! It’s your vision we can change direction, switch it up or try something new. We can go back and forth, but in the end the product is going to look fresh!


18. What is your favorite Hip Hop or Gangster movie? Why? I see you guys made Juice graphics which are dope, that is why I ask.

Tough question, I don’t think we have a favorite. We got a collection like Juice, Menace II Society, Boyz N The Hood, etc. Growing up we loved the movie Scarface. I love the story of how Tony Montana starts from nothing and obviously he dies, but damn what a way to go out haha!

19. What inspires or influences the artwork you guys do? 

Films, games, graphic novels, cartoons, and music, real life struggles, anything that fuels our imagination. 

20. You guys work as a team please expand on how it is working with your sibling in this case your twin? How do you feel it has allowed your business to thrive?

We both have a hand in creating each piece of commission work, but one of us will start it and then the other finish it. Or sometimes it can go back and forth a few times to 100% perfect it. We even joke about it  “I’ve just made that shit you did a lot better” haha. We have sent videos to each other showing the before and after basically saying mine is better, but it’s all fun.

Thank you Bailey Brothaz for your time and being open to do this interview! I truly appreciate you guys!!!Keep representing for the creative twin community! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go give the Bailey Brothaz a follow @baileybrothaz to keep up on their latest artwork or to hit them up for commissioned artwork! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!


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