Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today in honor of HipHopWeds upcoming 2nd Anniversary I will be writing a piece about this dope event and platform that occurs every Wednesday at the AC Lounge here in San Diego called, HipHopWeds! This dope event is managed by the humble and talented Kahlee! I first went to the first HipHopWeds event the end of last year for their De La Flow night that was hosted by the dope Emcee Karlo! De La Flow night is a quarterly event at HipHopWeds and also does other dates at different venues. It is a night where Spanish Rap is highlighted! So the emcees that performed that night rapped in Spanish, which I loved! I then began attending HipHopWeds on a regular basis this year once my Hip Hop Horror Blog started to take off and began being active in the San Diego Hip Hop scene!

This place has opened up doors not only for local rappers, but also Producers, DJ’s, Artists, Photographers and even bloggers like me! This platform extends to all four corners of San Diego (East, South, North and West). Any creative skill you can think of HipHopWeds has a niche for it! Kahlee has created a safe place for Hip Hop fans and supporters to attend every Wednesday and forget about the stresses of life for a few hours! It is like an extended family! Once you start going you start seeing the same people and you build friendships with them! It is a dope experience!

Kahlee should be proud of what he has accomplished along with his partners! He is contributing to the success of the San Diego Hip Hop scene! I truly admire Kahlee for being the humble dude he is! Also his contribution to the San Diego Hip Hop scene, putting this event together every week and being supportive since day one when I first began my blog! Also shout out to the residents at HipHopWeds: DJ Root, KillcRey, Parker Edison and Ethos One! All talented individuals as well and keep the show going!

HipHopWeds switches it up every week. Every week there is a different theme and the lineup matches that theme. The first Wednesday of the Month is “Waves“. In Kahlee’s words, “It’s a live show where we book different styles of HipHop from the lyrical, experimental and abstract to trap, turn up and even Gfunk!” The second Wednesday is the “Elbow Room“, it is a night filled with wrestling vibes with video games, 5 minute open mic and 10 minute producer spotlight. The third Wednesday is “Hip Hop House SD”. In Kahlee’s word, “Hiphop house SD is our flagship event with a more true school style of hip-hop from boom-bap and 90s style to the current, but with an emphasis on lyrics”. The fourth Wednesday is “Donuts” which is for Producers to show off their beats and usually a lineup of dope Producers, if your lucky they will allow you to freestyle over them! As you can see there is variety and all types of lanes or sub-genres of Hip Hop to accommodate everyones preference or taste!

HipHopWeds is one of the places and shows that keeps the San Diego Hip Hop alive and well! It has been 2 years since this has been around! Happy 2nd Anniversary to HipHopWeds to more years and more success! Also for their Anniversary their having their Inaugural “1904 Hip-Hop Festival” on Wednesday July 31, 2019! Don’t miss out it is going to be a legendary night with an amazing lineup! My fellow Spooky Gang fam will be performing among other dope artists that I’ve gotten to know or have seen perform live!

24. 1904fest_mainflyer

If you have never been to HipHopWeds, are a Hip Hop fan and reside or are visiting San Diego this is the place to be on Wednesday nights! For those that drink they also have a custom and exclusive drink menu! Go check it out and I promise you won’t regret it! It is a dope experience and on top of that most of the shows are free. The flyers posted for upcoming shows will let you know if specific shows for that night are charging!

Thank you for reading this piece. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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