Artist: Cazzu (Featuring: Lyanno, Rauw Alejandro, Dalex, Duki, Neo Pistea and Ysy A)

Album: Error 93

Release Date: June 3, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All Platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing an album that is not Hip Hop, but Latin Trap. I think musica urbana such as Latin Trap and Reggaeton are similar to Hip Hop. Both genres are always highly criticized for the lifestyle, lyrics, and sometimes controversial messages. That is maybe the main reason why I have always been drawn to or gravitated towards this type of music. Now with the younger generation we have seen a mixing of genres from latin trap that is infused with R&B, Rap and even Pop!

Cazzu is a female Argentinian latin trap artist/singer. La manera que me cruze con su musica fue por Rauw Alejandro. Who I believe is another dope up and coming latin trap artist who has a lot of R&B influence and reminds me of a young latino Chris Brown! I heard the track “La Mentira (Remix)” where Cazzu was featured on amongst other dope artists. I decided to look her up. I was impressed by her talent. She truly is unique from her demeanor to her flow. She has a unique style and her lyrics are a bit different than the typical Latin Trap song. They coined her style Emo Trap. I like that she has her own dress style which is a mix of Emo and Hip Hop attire. She is not over sexualized her talent speaks for itself!

She even has earned her peers respect which are mostly males. I’ve seen her on remixes where she is the only featured female and she kills her verse every time! I always like seeing female’s who are killing it in the latin urban genre from Karol G, Becky G, Anitta to Farina to name a few. Sadly women are still the minority in this genre, but are slowly taking over. When I heard Cazzu her voice and cadence stood out to me. She definitely has what it takes to be a rising star en la musica urbana!

She released her album “Error 93″ that I will be reviewing today. This album consists of 10 tracks with a running time of 32 minutes. Cazzu blends a variety of sounds you get melancholy Pop beats, R&B to Latin Trap and a bit of Reggaeton. She sings about relatable topics from relationships, heartbreak, and forgetting about our problems by dancing. My favorite track is her single “00:00“, which is about choosing to start a relationship from scratch and out of all the people in the world she just wants to start over with him! Then you get the song, “Mucha Data” which is a trap song where she raps that this dude is never going to find someone better than her!


Then another song is “Rally” which is a Reggaeton song where she sings in Spanglish and it is a love song about desire. Another track I love is, “Mentiste” about a lover who lied to her and broke her heart. Then the song “Al Reves” she sings how her ex now is the one wanting her back when it used to be the other way around. The song, “Ya No Quiero” is another dope song with a catchy hook! It is about forgetting about her ex because it just hurts her to think about him. Also she can’t wait until he realizes what he was missing and by then it will be too late because she will have found another who appreciates her. The rest of the tracks are dope as well. The last two features the new blood of latin trap/R&B/Reggaeton artists. The song “Nada” and “La Clase” features these artists of course they are bangers!

It is dope to see the younger artists collaborating together and you can see some of the OG’s have influenced their style. I grew up in the era where Reggeaton and Latin Trap emerged into popularity in the U.S. in the early 2000s and became popular. It is amazing to have watched it evolve to what it is today. We now have artists like Cazzu who to me is La Princesa del Latin Trap! Gracias a Ivy Queen que habrio las puertas para que mujeres puedan ser aceptadas en este genero! Cazzu va ir muy lejos! I have watched Cazzu’s interviews y se mira que ama a la musica y el genero urbano that shows she is genuine. Cazzu is also very knowledgeable about the history of the musica urbana which is dope for her to be so young. It shows she has respect for the OG’s and took the time to research the game. This is only the beginning for Cazzu! I can’t wait to see what she drops next. She has my full support! Go cop or stream this album you won’t regret it!

Favorite Verses/Tracks:

1. 00:00 :

“Empecemos de cero
Que entre tanta gente en el mundo, contigo me quedo
Empecemos de-, empecemos de-
Empecemos de cero (De cero)
Y poquito a poquito demostrar, cuanto te quiero
Ay yo cuanto te-, que yo tanto te-

Que yo tanto te extraño
Ay, tu actitud me hace daño
No quiero que me odies, y pasan los año’
Y si ya no me ve’, me recuerde, bebé
Como la niña mala que te lastimo
Déjame demostrarte, bebé, que esa no soy yo
Deci’me que humano nunca se equivocó, y, y
Te escapas de mí, como si yo fuera un ladrón
Olvidamo’ de todos tus sueños en mi colchón
Ahora soy tu enemiga, ya no soy tu bombón
Bandida, que quiere’ borrar dentro ‘e tu corazón”

2. Mentiste:

“Trajiste tanta ruina (Ruina)
Tu amor casi me arruina (Yeh-eh)
Pensarte me lastima (Yah)
Intoxicándome en mi ni-co-tina (Oh)
Mientras piensan que
Nosotros es una película que no fue (Oye)
Reviviendo esa noche una y otra vez (Otra’ ve’)
Lo que me dijiste en el cuarto del hotel
Un día seremos leyenda
Y aunque ahora no lo comprendas
Bésame y nunca me olvides (Yeh-yeh-yeh)

Y contigo me envolví, el reloj no lo vi
El momento viví, fui al infierno y volví
Me volví una adicta, a como me besas
Quiero rehabilitarme de esta tristeza”

3. Ya No Quiero:

Bebé, será por mi forma de ser (Oh-yeh)
No es que este loca, es que no me quieren entender (Oh-yeh)
Y si ya no te tengo, shorty quien lo va a ser
¿Quien lo va a ser?, eh, eh, eh
Si se supone que no te interesa
¿Por qué regresas siempre que me ves?
Me dice nena, que rico me besas
Te quiero pero esto no puede ser
Lo que buscabas era una princesa
Yo soy bichota con voz de bebé
Voy estar bien encima, por mí reza
Cuando sea otra, pa’, te va a doler

4. Nada:

“Yo no quiero ser mala, pero es evidente
Que se cae tu pelí’ cuando estoy en frente
Bebe, te conozco, por qué tú me miente
Entre to’as esas perras, yo soy diferente
Es que cuando entro a la disco, tu combito se enloquece
Y tú actitu’ de malo, en verdad, no es lo que parece
Y que lleva tratando de olvidarme hace 10 meses
Me dijiste cada uno tiene lo que se merece”

Thank you/Gracias for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!


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