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Today I will be sharing an interview I did with a very talented artist named Richard Garcia! I met him at Monsterpalooza earlier this year he was a vendor there. I came across his booth and I was instantly drawn to his dope art! I even bought a piece that I fell in love with lol, it was a Freddy Krueger art piece! I mean common my blog name pays homage to Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger is one of my favorite horror icons! I introduced myself to Richard and he was very humble. I then added him on social media that same day. I wanted people to know how talented this man is and help him succeed with his passion! He already has his fair share of followers and supporters, but anything I can do to help his following grow I am always for helping others! Without further a do please read below to get to know more about Richard!


1. Please introduce yourself to those who might not know who you are. Also please mention what area you are based out of for people who may want to know.

Hi there! My name is Richard Garcia. I am a full time tee shirt designer for a company and I am based out in the OC.

2. How did you begin drawing and have become the amazing artist you are today?

Haha. Well, I’m definitely not amazing, but I do appreciate the thought. But as far as I can remember, I’ve always been drawing–from children’s activity books, to lined paper…whatever I could get my little hands on. I’ve always been hammering way.

3. How long have you been making art? Specifically horror art? How did your journey begin?

Oh, man. I’ve been a horror fan since I was probably 9 or 10, and my love for it really took off once my parents bought a VCR and the dawn of the video rental store was born, where there was a mass explosion of memorable and not so memorable horror films. So from time to time I would do horror style art.

4. How long have you been attending horror conventions and selling your art? How did that first come about?

This is my second year at Monsterpalooza, and really my only horror convention that I’ve attended to, and since I’ve done others shows such as Wondercon and Long Beach Comic Con, and figured that I’d finally stretch out, explore another genre of cons and give this a shot, especially when they branched out in Pasadena. That’s when I really started to explore doing horror art.

5. Do you feel the horror community has embraced you? If so how?

Um, I guess. Haha It’s only my second year, so so far I’ve heard no complaints.

6. What’s you favorite scary movie? Why?

The classic Night Of The Living Dead. It’s a horror masterpiece.

7. What’s your favorite horror art piece and why?

Don’t think I have one just yet.

8. We have began to witness Jordan Peele giving black actors lead roles in horror movies which is rare in that genre and it is dope to see! Do you feel a director like Guillermo Del Toro could follow his lead and accomplish something similar for Mexicans in horror movies as lead characters? Do you feel latino representation in horror movies/shows is needed/important? If so why?

Well, he did do something to that extent with his 93′ Chronos, Pan’s Labyrinth, and The Devil’s Backbone where the majority of the movie was in Spanish. Though, I can’t say 100 % that this and Pan’s Labyrinth are really horror films, but the two of the three films do revolve around Latin culture. But I figured when he has a story to tell that’s Mexican focused, he’ll make it. Dude is a creative beast. And as of now, there is a the new film La Llorona, which is base off Mexican folklore, so that’s a pretty good catalyst of hopefully more films to come within our culture and hopefully new filmmakers.

And representation is def important. Each culture, be it Asia, East European, Ireland, etc…including ours has our own take on folklore and storytelling that brings new light to a much loved genre. It just needs to be told and put on celluloid, which is usually only a matter of time.

9. Do you feel it is important to have latino representation in the horror community, in your case the horror art community? Why?

I guess so. It certainly can’t hurt, and shows that any other up-and-coming Latino artists have different outlets to use their talents, such as the horror community.

10. What’s your favorite horror villain or icon ? Why?

Jason from Friday the 13th. Just the epitome of the horror slasher genre

11. What has been your greatest accomplishment with your horror art?

That I’m selling my work at Monsterpalooza. It’s easily one of the best horror cons on the West Coast.

12. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind either creatively or on a personal level?

My own personal story to tell.

13. What is next for ArtbyRichard? Any upcoming projects in the works? Where can supporters/consumers find your work? You say you don’t do commission meaning you do not do custom orders?

Yeah, right now my job takes up a lot of my time, and with upcoming shows (East LA C.A.P.E, and Powercon), I tend to focus on creating new works for that. And I also want to focus on creating something for myself, so it’s easier to just close that up so I don’t have people waiting months for their piece to be done. I don’t like to have that hovering over my shoulders.
But in the meantime, you can find me mainly over on Instagram at @artbyrichard, along with a link to my Etsy shop 😀

14. What do you believe sets you apart from your peers or competition?

I don’t like to feel that I’m competing with other artists, especially if they’re my peers. If anything, I’m more inspired by my peers. You take that inspiration and try to feed off one another’s drive and motivation.

15. What kind of advice or words of encouragement would you give someone who is trying to enter the horror art community?

There really isn’t much, other than to just focus on your work and get it out there on social media if you want to get noticed.

16. What does your brand stand for or mean to you?

I never really thought much on that. Heh. I just do.

17. What would you like your supporters and customers to know about you?

That I like to eat and laugh a lot.

18. Any hidden gems horror movies or shows that you would like to recommend?

Um, at this point social media has pretty much turned over every stone out there when it comes to horror films. And also, because I can’t think of any at the moment. Heh.

19. How did you fall in love with the horror genre?

I think the third questioned answered that one–the VHS era! That really set me in the right direction of all things horror. I was that kid that rather rent Dawn Of The Dead than a Disney cartoon.

20. Any shout outs you would like to give out?

That I love my wife, Grace and can’t thank her enough for all the support she’s given me throughout the years.


Links/Purchase art:

Thank you Richard for your time and being open to do this interview! I appreciate you and the time you took to reply to these questions!!! To my readers and supporters hope you all enjoyed reading this interview. Go give Richard Garcia a follow @artbyrichard to keep up on his latest art pieces and what conventions he will be at next! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads. While you’re at it please feel free to follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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