Today I will be sharing my experience in attending 2019 Midsummer Scream in Long Beach. It was my first time there and I was excited !!! I had heard this was one of the largest horror conventions in the West Coast. There are horror vendors, make up effects artists, podcasters, artists, haunted houses, panels and even live podcasts! I felt like a kid at Halloween! It felt like the Horror Comic Con. I loved the vibe and the Long Beach convention center is dope! As soon as you enter the convention you are surrounded by people wearing costumes or in cosplay. The event took place from 8/3 -8/4/19. I went on Sunday 8/4/19, I mainly went to see the 30th Anniversary Tales from the Crypt panel. John Kassir who plays the legendary Crypt Keeper was there and dope Director Ernest Dickerson was there as well. He directed Demon Knight which was the first feature film for Tales from the Crypt spin off film series. If you have not seen that movie you gotta see it! Definitely one of my favorite demon horror movies.


The Tales from the Crypt panel was very interesting we got to hear anecdotes and behind the scenes stories. I then attended Mick Garris’ live podcast of Post Mortem where he interviewed the living horror legend, Lin Shaye! She has made appearances in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies. I love her for playing one of my favorite clairvoyant characters, Elise in the movie series Insidious. In my opinion she makes the movie and story more interesting. I was so excited to have witnessed this interview live! I listen to the Post Mortem podcast on a frequent basis and to have had the opportunity to be in the same room as the amazing director Mick Garris and talented actress Lin Shaye was a memorable experience! As an up and coming podcaster I was truly inspired! I hope someday I can be a dope Hip Hop & Horror Journalist/Podcaster and learn from the great Mick Garris!


Midsummer Scream also had a Tiki terror inspired theme hall. There was also the Hall of Shadows that had about 6 Haunted House. I did not get to go check them out, but they looked spooky from the outside. I was able to get some of my first autographed posters/photos. I met Bill Moseley who is known for his killer role as Otis in Rob Zombies trilogy about the crazy Firefly family. He signed my 3 from Hell poster, which is the third installment to the Rob Zombie series. I can’t wait to see that movie on the big screen! Then I also got to meet the beautiful actress and one of my favorite final girls Ashley Laurence who played Kirsty Cotton in the Hellraiser series. She was very humble and I got a signed photo. Lastly I got to meet Ken Sagoes who played Kincaid in the Nightmare on Elm Street film series. He was also very kind and I loved that he was donating the money he made to his organization Giving Back Corporation.

There was also dope photo ops and movie scene recreations by The Mystic Museum. They had the following photo ops scenes: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Slashback Video counter with Ash from The Evil Dead life size figure, The Shining, Freddy Krueger (Welcome to Prime Time Bitch) prop and American Horror Story Coven the chair of the Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau. I had a lot of fun with my mom going to this horror convention. They have a little bit of everything for all ages. I saw parents who brought their young kids to older people just geeking out! I definitely recommend attending a horror convention if you are a horror fan it is an experience of a lifetime and you get to meet cool people!

Thank you for reading my article. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to my audio interviews under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue“.

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