Artist: Doble Philo & Exciel

Album: Virgo

Release Date: Aug. 23, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing the EP titled, “Virgo” by San Diego’s very own local artists Doble Philo and Exciel! This is an album in the musica urbana genre. You get a mixture of Reggaeton and latin trap! For those that know me, know that I love Reggaeton and latin trap. I grew up listening to Reggaeton when it became popular in the early 2000s after “Oye Mi Canto” his the U.S. airwaves. Ever since then I been a fan of the musica urbana genre! I’ve been trying to find local San Diego artists that make music in that genre because I believe it is another genre that is finally getting the respect it deserves like Rap. Musica Urbana is reaching global dominance and I am happy to see that! I was hyped when I came across Doble Philo’s music! I actually saw him perform at a De La Flow show hosted by the homie Ill Arabe. Doble Philo stood out to me from the rest of the performers. I could tell he had a true talent to rap on the mic and to also see him rap in Spanish was even more inspiring! I started following him on social media and saw that he announced he had dropped a project.

The EP Virgo just dropped in August in time for the summer vibes! The EP features Doble Philo and Exciel. They make a dope duo. If I’m not mistaken Doble Philo is the rapper and Exciel brings the melodic singing. They make a great duo, their own unique skills compliment each other. They reminded me a bit of Rakim & Ken-Y which is one of my favorite Reggeaton duo’s from back in the day. Rakim was the rapper and Ken-Y the singer, they balanced each other perfectly and created hits! It is dope to see these two guys creating dope music in that genre and that they are from my hometown of SD.


The EP consists of 5 track, wish it was longer! This EP definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from these two! My two favorite tracks of this project are “Obsesionada” and “Infiel” both have a mainstream sound and I can see them blowing up! The hooks are catchy, the beats melodic and lyrics relatable for people in relationships or in complicated relationships lol. Then you get the track “China Blanca” which is more of a trap song, but you can’t help than to vibe to it! The track “Salvaje” reminded me of the old school Reggaeton beats something I could hear Wisin y Yandel on. The final track “Sube y Baja” has the new latin trap sound that I am currently obsessed with. Gives me a latin R&B vibe. The whole project is sonically hypnotizing. If you love Reggaeton and latin trap like I do, you will enjoy this project. Go stream it, vibe to it, listen to it or just share it! I definitely recommend giving it a listen!

Thank you for reading my EP review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to my audio interviews under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue”.


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