Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be writing about my experience at this years THOP Hip Hop Festival. First of all I want to start off by saying I had a blast at the The Happiness of Pursuit Festival 2019!!! I had the opportunity to attend thanks to Platform Collection and be staff. I worked the red carpet and made sure the artists were photographed once they were done performing. I then guiding them to the media tent to be interviewed. Met a lot of dope photographers. Special shout out to Dahflow and Nah’Shon for helping out! Also shout out to I Above for teaming up to get the artist from the stage to the red carpet! Also since I was working the event it allowed me backstage access which I was very hyped about!


It was an unforgettable experience and I felt like I was destined to be there as corny as that might sound. As a kid who grew up listening to Rap music to be able to see Hip Hop legends like Havoc from Mobb Deep, Crooked I and R.A. the Rugged Man bless the stage, get to see them perform both from the audience perspective and backstage was an amazing feeling! As a music lover this was a dream come true! I always knew that I would end up working in the music industry either as an artist myself, songwriter or on the business/media side. To have worked this event was a huge milestone for me and makes me realize I am on the right path. I am going to continue to grind and better myself in my craft!


Being at the THOP festival was a surreal and dope experience I observed and soaked in a lot of game. Thank you to the Founder of THOP Fest 60 East for the opportunity to help with the event. Also to KillcRey who I see as my mentor for bringing me on board, trusting in me and my work ethic!!! It was dope that my Spooky sis Yazi also joined me on this journey she was running the THOP fest twitter account for the day and did a hell of a job covering the event!

The event took place at the Firewater Bar in Ontario, CA. The venue/bar is at the entrance and behind the bar is a huge empty lot. As you enter there are food vendors, clothing vendors, art vendors, music vendors etc. The main stage is on your right as you enter the lot. On the left hand side of the main stage is where I was most of the time. Which is where media and performers are coming in and out. They also had a VIP tent set up for Murs and Havoc from Mobb Deep.


The Platform Collection stage was situated on the far left hand side corner of the lot. Platform Collection provided the opportunity for San Diego artists to perform at this years festival. I got to see my friends Nemy, Indian K, The Difference and Billy NoJokes rock the stage! They each have been grinding hard this whole year and earned their spot on that stage! I was happy and proud they got to perform in front of a whole new audience to build their following! Also DJ Root had the opportunity to DJ for R.A. the Rugged Man!


I loved the diversity of the lineup you got a mixture of Hip Hop lyrical legends, street rap, soulful rap, underground rap, and melodic rap. It was perfect because as we all know there are so many sub-genres of Rap nowadays and the audience gravitates to different types of artists. The energy from every performer was amazing. They each brought their own style and vibe.


The people who attended the event fed off the energy of the artist and it was a dope crowd! Met some dope people that night! Also got to chat a bit with Big Noyd who was droppin some gems on how rap has created a new language and no other genre has really done that. I was able to meet one of my favorite underground emcee’s Crimeapple who was super nice and signed my vinyl copy of Wet Dirt, took a picture with me and gave me a Sweet Dreams (Freddy Krueger) hat! Crimeapple murdered his performance. I love that he raps in Spanglish! I also got to meet Crooked I and R.A the Rugged Man. Both were very humble and they each killed their set! I was very fortunate to have met other artists as well from Vel the Wonder to Nash Boogie.


Overall this event was well put together. Can’t wait to attend the next one and I am down to work this event again if given the opportunity. The event ran smoothly some things had to be improvised, but everyone on 60 East’s team and Platform Collection handled it well! I never had the chance to attend Paid Dues or Rock the Bells, but I feel 60 East is keeping the spirit alive and is contributing a lot to the Hip Hop community. I hope this event continues for many more years to come. I can’t wait what next years lineup will be! If you have never attended THOP fest I definitely recommend going it is worth every penny and you will have a once in a lifetime experience!




Thank you for reading my write up on this dope event! Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to my audio content under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” .

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