Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be sharing an interview I did with Pablo the founder of Horrific Thoughts. I stumbled on their clothing brand when I went to the THOP fest a month ago. They were selling t-shirts, beanies and other clothing items. I thought the tee designs were dope! I even copped me a tee. You can see me rockin’ it below. I loved the dark vibe and the horror inspired designs, from what I observed. As a horror fan/t-shirt addict I thought the art was amazing and I wanted to shout out their brand! They are based out in Ontario, CA where the THOP fest took place. Pablo was kind enough and took time out of his schedule to answer the interview questions via email. Thanks to Ariel who facilitated the interview. Without further a do please read below to get to know more about Horrific Thoughts and what they represent!

  1. Please introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are?

    Pablo @littlepabloillestever, Horrific Thoughts Founder and Designer.

  2.  When did your clothing business Horrific Thoughts get started and if you can please share what inspired your business and your journey. Also please share where is your business based out of so readers may know.

    Horrific Thoughts was started in 2011 by myself with a strong backing from Inzoe (1988-2012), Ariel @arielistic, and Nestor @nes.g_ . We are based out of the Inland Empire, more specifically, Ontario. This started as another artistic outlet for me utilizing my graffiti and tattoo background, which has evolved to us just trying to find a platform to spread positivity and help uplift each other through our art.

  3. What is the meaning behind the name Horrific Thoughts?

    Horrific Thoughts was something surrounding our crowd whether it was our upbringings or current surroundings which was also reflected in art/visuals around us. We turned this into a platform to acknowledge we may all have “horrific thoughts”, but we don’t need to fall victim to them, instead we use art as a starting point to begin to overcome them.
  4. What would you like your brand to represent or what does it mean to you?

    I want it to represent acceptance and embracing our struggles creating compassion for everyone’s struggles and whatever downfalls they feel they have, but also it’s acknowledging and embracing our own using our various artistic outlets to help us.
  5. I always say Fear is universal it affects everyone. How do you conquer your fears on the daily or any advice you can give to your supporters?

    Just gotta get up, go, and get it done. The worst that can happen is failure and there’s always a lesson in that. It’s not all bad, regret is worse than failing.
  6. I first came across your clothing at the THOP Fest this year 2019. How long have you guys been involved in the Hip Hop scene and how did you guys get involved with Hip Hop music scene?We have been involved in the hip hop scene since before the brand, we got into the scene through a lot of our friends who are local hip hop artists with opportunities to vend at their shows and it grew from there
  7. Do you guys have any plans of being vendors at any other events? If so which ones and how did those opportunities come about? 

    Networking is how we get all of our events nowadays. Other vendors refer us or Event Planners reach out to us having seen us on other events or flyers. We also have a solid street team that tunes us into new events we may not see as well as artists we have grown relationships with that put us on to new crowds. Our next events will be on 11/2 (two events one day) I (Pablo) will be at Hip Hops Most Haunted brought to us by @thestonersystempodcast and Ariel will be at Dia De Los Growing Pains brought to us by This will be our first event with @thestonersystempodcast and our second Growing Pains event. Honestly if you want to be at an event but maybe you aren’t sure of the crowd or a set up fee isn’t in your budget definitely show up to the show for yourself, meet other vendors, meet the coordinators, mingle. The more people we meet the more opportunities we can all share with each other.

  8. What has been your favorite Hip Hop event your clothing line has attended and why? 

    THOP fest, amazing performers, amazing headliners, amazing crowds. We got to hang out with Grieves! Every event is always amazing, I can’t say we have been to any that did not leave a memorable impact for us, but come on, WE GOT TO HANG OUT WITH GRIEVES!

  9. Who does the t-shirt designs? What or who inspires those designs? 

    I (Pablo) do. We have another artist on our team @ter5eone that we have dropped a collaboration collection with in 2018. Life inspires these designs, mostly stress, I tend to do my best work under some kind of pressure.

  10. Any horror movies or shows that has inspired any of your t-shirt designs? 

    We have a stranger things rip, so clearly that inspired us. Other designs have underlying tones of movies like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. We are all pretty into horror movies so it’s fun to bounce ideas around or sneak little horror homages into our designs.

  11. You guys also sell hats, hoodies and socks. Is there any other ideas you have in mind to grow your business if you can share. Maybe having emcees or artists wear your brand to promote your business? 

    Since we started local at Hip Hop and backyard Hardcore shows we have had various local artists wearing our brand since day one. Super cool, when we met Grieves at THOP Fest in 2018 we were able to gift him one of our first Dad Hats and he wore it for the remainder of his tour. We have a pretty solid Street Team and each year we grow a bit more. There’s always new ideas we have in mind, we just like randomly announcing new items or having Pop Up Only sales/gear.

  12. This is a hip hop blog so who is or are your favorite emcees/rappers of all time? Can be more than one. 

    It changes daily. At this moment in time heavy on rotation is Grieves, Murs, Jelly Roll and Tech N9ne and we always add some new artists to our playlists before/during/after events. It is so cool to do events with so many amazing local artists and over time we develop relationships with them so not only do we get to work alongside them we get great views of them on stage.

  13. This is also a horror blog, what would you say is your favorite scary movie if any and why?

    I love all the Halloween movies but I really love Rob Zombies Halloween remakes.

  14. If you could be any horror villain who would you be and why?

    Michael Myers because he’s tall but… probably Freddy Kruger because it’s cool to invade peoples dreams.

  15. Do you believe in the supernatural if so have you had any supernatural experiences you can share? Believe in it, yes, nothing significant that I can say I’ve experienced.
  16. What has been your companies greatest accomplishment so far and why is that? 

    Growing support, it’s crazy, it’s awesome!

  17. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting a clothing business? 

    Be patient, do your research, be patient.

  18. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind either creatively or on a personal level? 

    I don’t really think about that.. I guess I want to create art that has a great impact on people.

  19. Where do you see your clothing line in the next five years and what is your ultimate dream or goal? 

    Right now we are taking it day by day so I can’t say I have a set five year goal at this moment, just in the past year a lot has changed for us and will continue to, I’m just excited for whatever is next.

  20. Any platforms or people you would like to shout out?

    There’s so many people who helped us get to this point. Everyone who rocks our gear, everyone who invites us to events, YOU! Thank you for being our first (official) interview. The list is endless. Shouts out to the New?Love Network, all of us local homies who have been through it all the past decade or so. Catch us all doing various things at local events! @zzay92 for always putting us on to new events and keeping us in mind. @60east and the entire THOP Fest team for amazing events where we met @theguttedcigar and @bricktoyaface who both constantly keep us in mind and are great people to run into anywhere. Lastly our HT Fam, thanks to everyone who is constantly supporting, re-posting, sharing posts, liking posts, providing feedback, offering time out to model gear for us, sewing, folding, cutting stickers, packaging orders, driving to the post office. I am one man, but I have a great team!

    THOP 04 19

    Me Rockin’ Horrific Thoughts Tee

Instagram: @horrificthoughts
Facebook: Horrific Thoughts Clothing Co.
Twitter: @HTillestever

Thank you for your time Pablo and Ariel! I always love supporting dope local independent clothing brands and just creatives! I live in the San Diego area, but Ontario is only hours away. You guys have something unique and amazing! Keep it going! Thank you to those reading this interview. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music to listen to my audio content under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue”.

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