Author: Kathy Iandoli

Book: God Save the Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop

Release Date: October 22, 2019

Brief Summary: A book written by the dope Hip Hop Journalist Kathy Iandoli who pays homage to the Woman Pioneers of Hip Hop that paved the way for more ladies to exist in this male dominated culture. She takes us on a journey from the 70s to today’s top female Hip Hop artists. Kathy shows us Hip Hop through another lense that has not been told before!

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Kathy Iandoli’s book titled, “God Save the Queens”.  This is my first book review so here we go! I came across this book randomly on Amazon. I was looking for a new Hip Hop book to read and this came up on the top 10 list and of course the cover and title grabbed by attention. When I read the synopsis I was honestly at first skeptical and thought it might not be real lol. Then at that moment it dawned on me that I had never read a Hip Hop book where women pioneers were highlighted, they were just briefly mentioned. I knew I had to buy this book and was extremely happy someone decided to write this story that needed to be told! I learned a lot from this book, some stories I had never heard or had been told. This book educated me on other female rappers that I did know about and made me want to go back and check out their music. Reading this gave me nostalgia and made me appreciate Hip Hop culture even more than I already do!


This book also made me realize how even sometimes myself as a woman I am unconsciously programmed to only know Hip Hop history through the male lense. The reason I say this is as everyone knows my blog is titled after Nightmare for Nightmare on Elm Street and Sedgwick Avenue where the first Hip Hop party took place. All this time I would always give credit to DJ Kool Herc and always failed to recognize the reason this party was even thrown was due to Kool Herc’s sister Cindy Campbell. I was blown away how if I did this, how many other people might forget to credit her or even mention her?! I felt guilty, but now that I am more self aware this makes my blog even more special. Moving forward now every time I mention Sedgwick Avenue I will give the Mother of Hip Hop Cindy the credit and accolades she deserves! If you think about it a woman (Cindy( produced and financed the first Hip Hop party making her the first Hip Hop promoter! THANK YOU CINDY WITHOUT YOU HIP HOP WOULD NOT BE WHERE IT IS TODAY!!!


Kathy did her homework as the dope journalist she is and interviewed Hip Hop legends. She shares anecdotes from the Hip Hop pioneers themselves to even the new blood and those who are still fairly young to the industry. You get to hear the struggles they faced or continue to face. For example what Snow tha Product stated in the book, “I feel like its crazy that people to this day hit me on some, “You’re good for a girl.” Women should be seen as talent, not gender-based.” When I read that I could relate. When I first started my blog I would get messages in my IG inbox where people would assume I was a dude. Make note I had my logo with my picture in it me dressed as Freddy Krueger! Either people did not take the time to review my page or some people assume that women wouldn’t start a Hip Hop Horror blog?!🤷🏽‍♀️ So I definitely agree with Snow tha Product, maybe one day we will get there! I am positive about that!

IMG_20151220_110304-1024x1024I am glad this book was finally written! It is a history that needed to be told and had never been done. I am glad it was written by a woman as well because it gives it more authenticity. Kathy’s anecdotes about even her struggles in the journalism field is a perfect analogy of the struggles Woman gotta face in general. I always say as a women we gotta fight twice as hard to get the respect we deserve! But the existence of Hip Hop is a true testament and proof of how when Women hustle and fight for what they want, they create beautiful things! Thank you to all the Queens from Cindy Campbell, Queen Latifah, Roxanne Shante, Debbie D, MC Lyte the list goes on! I highly recommend this book for all the Hip Hop fans! If you are a Hip Hop historian or connoisseur this is a must read! I enjoyed every minute of it! I was so intrigued I read it in about 4 days. Kathy thank you for this book it is a game changer for the Hip Hop culture and it was needed! It couldn’t have came at a better time where Women are currently thriving in the genre!

Thank you for reading my first book review! Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to my audio content under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” .


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