Artist: Milky Wayne & Skinny Veny

Album: Gorgeous

Release Date: December 31, 2019

Buy/Stream album: All streaming platforms

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Milky Wayne and Skinny Veny’s album, Gorgeous! This is the follow up album to The Hideous. The album consists of 21 tracks with a running time of 32 minutes. What I love about Wayne’s production is he uses live sounds and it gives it a raw and real feel! The into track Pathetic has a sample of seagulls. I get this California beach with wavy vibes. Then you get the second track, “Lazy” which has a comedic and witty hook (this is where the hook should go!) and of course Veny spazzes out on the track! The third track is “Vary Gee” featuring Sham Blak. One of my favorite tracks off this project. The sample is crazy and you get this boom bap soul vibe.

Then you get the fourth track, “24 Dollaz” which is definitely the hit off the project. The hook gets stuck in your head and you just get caught head noddin! We are also blessed with a feature from one of the illest emcees, Scvtterbrvin. He kills his verse like always! You also get the track, “Funky Lil Bih” that has a dope funk type beat with funny lyricism. Then you get the grimey side with Smalls Uno featured on the track, “Baby Steps”. It is a beautiful project with great production! Definitely recommend giving it a listen! You can stream the project on any major music streaming platform! Go show SD Hip Hop some love! We got so much talent and Milky Wayne and Skinny Veny are two of them!

Thank you for reading my album review! Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, Itunes,, Google Play Music to listen to my audio content under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue” .

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