Event : Nightmare At Phantasy

Organizers: Phantasy Lounge & Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue

Date/Location: Sunday March 8, 2020 at the AC Lounge

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

I wanted to share the experience and Spooky night that went down on March 8th at the AC lounge. It marked a unique experience for Hip-Hop and Horror lovers! The emcees and producers brought horror to life that night! The crowd vibed off the performances and got lost in the “spooky energy.” Honestly, you had to be there to feel it and embrace every lyric and beat inside your mind. This event allowed people with different tastes to come together and see these two genres collide! There were 7 emcees and 7 producers who teamed up to sample a horror themed song and do their own unique spin on it.


Doble Philo collaborated with Carinoe, and rocked the floor with a Spanish flow of murderous words that went perfect with the spooky Friday the 13th beat. Then, Yazi went up next and spread her high energy vibes. She casted a spell with her lyrics that got the crowd going. The spookiness was definitely felt as the Candyman beat of Speak Ez played throughout the venue. Legion X came up on stage and put on a show with his dope costume along with PottieMouth’s eerie Exorcist beat to add more fuel to the performance. Smalls Uno aka Sire Spooky joined forces with Mike Mackey to conjure up an eerie remix of the Phantasm beat! Mike Mackey wore a mask of an old man to symbolize the Tall Man from the movie, very dope! Then Boxcutta Maxx performed along side Shrmpboy and killed their own creepy version of Halloween.

Master Villain shocked us all with a detailed killer story. As Verde went all in with the Suspiria beat that bewitched us all in, and made us feel as if we were in a scary movie! Fade Green used his creative mind by getting the audience involved in his performance. He had the crowd participate in providing him random words to use for his epic freestyle . DJ Root’s Nightmare on Elm street beat allowed every word that Fade said to flow smoothly, and it made you feel as if you had to watch your surroundings as if something was coming out to get you!


It was a very dope event and something new for the San Diego Hip Hop scene! Nothing like this has been done before where Horror meets Hip Hop, definitely a night to remember! Clips of horror movies were playing on the different screens in the background. There were cardboard cut outs of Freddy Krueger and Pennywise the Clown surrounding the venue. There were also prizes given out to the top 3 best duo’s and for the audience there was a raffle for some horror icon Funko’s, horror socks and Ouija!!! There was also some live art painting by the talented Daniel Peters. Also some art vendors and some video games available for people to play and mingle with friends and strangers. If you didn’t attend you missed out! Below is some footage of the event.





Testimonials about the Event:

“I thought the video games were a nice touch. I had the chance to interact with people I knew and didn’t know. The costumes were dope too. I really enjoyed the old school scary movies playing too. I wanted to go home and watch a few. I think the artists that performed with different producers was a great idea. I’ve never seen anything like that and that was the highlight of the night for me!” – Anthony Braxton

“The event was really unique. I was inspired by everyone in costume and the horror movies playing on the screen. It was a real interactive event with the games and art for sale. I loved the element of the raffle and contest for the talent. Matching up producers with different artists really set this event apart. It was dope to see how the pairs worked together to create horror themed performances. The vibe was fun, and to be honest different from other hip hop events. I felt the people who came all came from different walks of life and brought a genuine energy to the event.” – Kristina

“7 Octoberz (Gaby’s) events never disappoint! This last Horror n Hip Hop theme party she brought 7 producers and 7 emcees together and everyone gave a hell of a show! The detail and creativeness that 7 Octoberz brought to this event was amazing! Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait for more!” – Emeriam

“It was a horror meets hip hop event. With both attendees and performers in costume, it gave it a Halloween feel. It was different, but definitely dope! A nice change of scenery.– Sick Rick

“If you didn’t get a chance to go to the AC Lounge on March 8th. U should be a lil Mad at yourself. 7 Octoberz had a super dope show that day. Some of the most cool Hip Hop artists of San Diego were there. U had Fade Green, Legion X, Boxcutta Maxx, Smalls Uno and Yazi. I could go on & on & producers as well with a good ear for dope music. In my opinion it was Genius of her. I’ve been to many shows at the AC lounge, but 7 Octoberz had Street Fighter, Super Smash bros etc. & raffles prices. It made it that much more exciting to be there! I had no idea what I was going to get into when I went because it’s 7 Octoberz & if u follow her page you’ll know what I’m talking about. I was lucky enough to win a pair of Gremlin socks that day. I just hope more shows could be more exciting. I felt like it was Halloween in March & I’m an October baby. It made it that much more fun for me to attend! It was an experience! – Halo the Kid

“As an artist getting into character is an important factor. Creativity wasn’t an issue 7 Octoberz hosted Halloween in March 8th 2020. Full moon was out the vibe was bloody! A random selection between rapper and beat producers was selected to murder a live performance within Halloween topics. Gory classics on tv screens and Bloody Marys at the bar. Rappers Producers and DJs were all wearing costumes it was Spooky! The show was fire🔥. One Hell of a night. 😈 -Johnny Rayos
Thank you for reading my event write up. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz on Instagram and Facebook! Also follow me on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music to listen to my audio content under: “Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue”.


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