Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue – “Trials and Tribulations – Drew & Clue – 2018 Album Review”



Artist: Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael

Album: 2018

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Buy/Purchase album: Soundcloud currently

Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horror Fans,

Today I will be reviewing Drew Burgundy and Clueless Michael EP titled, “2018“. Drew hit me up on social media a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I did album reviews. I was humbled that word was getting around about my blog. I replied to him and told him I am doing album reviews and would be glad to review his project. He emailed me his EP and I listened to it. I was pleasantly surprised at how dope it was! San Diego is full of creative and talented individuals. Drew and Michael are no exception! I love my city. I know eventually we will become the next hot spot/mecca for dope Hip Hop just like Buffalo and Rochester are killing the game with that grimey lyrical rap!

This EP consists of 4 tracks that speaks on different relatable topics. Here is a brief rundown of each track. As I always like to say music is subjective so I interpreted the songs this way, but others might have a different interpretation and that is great! I love music that sparks conversation and this is one of those projects!

1.No Calls – I don’t fuck with you type vibe. The song is  telling us to not put up with people who are fake. Put simply if I don’t like you, I won’t pretend to be friends. The moral of this track is don’t lie, be real, if you don’t like someone just don’t fuck with them!

2. Losing My mind – This song has a trap soul type vibe. Definitely a banger it has a catchy hook. Drew is singing on this track and he killed it! The song is about facing one’s demons or going through a difficult time and still pulling through. Very inspirational track with a party vibe to it!

3. Hard For Me– This track is about going through tough times. It is a song about feeling like the world doesn’t understand you. Another deep introspective track. The beat is melancholy with the piano and the singing on this track is amazing!

4. Dead Presidents – The beat on this track gives me 90s R&B mixed with a boom bap vibe. I got a feel good vibe when listening to this track. They rap that working 9 to 5 is a way to keep us chained. We are wasting our time when we can be doing something productive and following our dreams instead of chasing money. The song is also about how we tend to focus on monetary gain and forget about ones mental health to be able to pursue our dreams. This song has a real dope message!


I asked Drew to send me a mini bio to share with you all. Here is a bit about Drew, his journey in music and the significance of this EP.

“Hello My name is Drew Burgundy, I was born and raised in Southeast San Diego more specifically born in Lincoln Park right off Gloria and Ocean View. How I got into music, I have always been around good music. From André 3000, Eminem, Pac, Busta Rhymes, etc., to so much gospel music. But I really didn’t want to start rapping until I was about 15 when my homie Meaty passed away . It was the beginning of a very dark period of my life. I was battling depression because of so many things, dealing with my family literally tearing itself apart, and my grandmother passing. It really changed my perspective about life and humans as a whole and made me want to do more to create a positive change in the people around me . Since then my desires has grown even bigger, I’m hungrier. This EP that me (Drew Burgundy) and my homie Michael (Clueless Michael) have put together embodies both our struggles, but specifically focusing on the year 2018. Which is why we decided to go with naming the project that. Some what of a short fun recap of what we went through this past year that will give you a lot of different feels.”

Overall this is a dope EP with a positive message, great lyrics and relatable topics. I definitely recommend checking out this project! My favorite track is “Losing My Mind” which was the first single for this EP. Go support this dope San Diego rap duo!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time horror fiends and hip hop heads! While you’re at it follow my blog on social media @7octoberz and Facebook!

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